Reception Weekly News March 8th

8th March 19

We have had a brilliant week in Reception. We started the week with an amazing assembly by Mrs Atkinson about dog handling and how to behave around dogs. We learnt so many brilliant tips from Mrs Atkinson and are looking forward to using them in the future. Can you remember what a worried dog and happy dog looks like?

On Monday, in Literacy we learnt a new tricky word ‘some’ and used it to write simple sentences in little books. We also used whiteboards and hole punches to add holes to London landmarks before attempting to draw them in Literacy ChIL.

In Mathematics, we found out we were going to be learning about ways to measure time. We chatted to our talking partners about how we can measure time and came up with some brilliant ideas, including watches, clocks, sand timers and stop watches. We learnt that there are 30 minutes in half an hour and 60 minutes in an hour. We had lots of fun using challenge cards to see what activities we could do in one minute! We saw how many times we could touch our toes, write our name and sing a Nursery Rhyme! We then sorted activities we could do in one minute.

In ChIL, we enjoyed going on a magic carpet ride across the Channel to France. We landed briefly in Brittany and loved seeing all of the things that Barnaby Bear got up to on his travels. We then flew on to Paris and looked closely at the beautiful Eiffel Tower. We used straws, lolly sticks and match sticks to make our own Eiffel Tower.

Tuesday was Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday. We enjoyed using vanilla scented playdough to make our own pancakes, made French flags and used Tap a Shape to make L’Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame!

We started the day hearing about one of the girl’s favourite holiday destination; Portugal. We found Portugal on the world map on the Smartboard and realised it is really close to Spain! We heard all about the types of food you can eat there including sardines, custard tarts and wine! We learnt how to say hello, thank you and goodbye in Portugese. We also looked at some lovely holiday photographs of a beautiful villa and swimming pool. We all wished we could go there some time!

In Literacy, we discovered more about Pancake Day and even found out that people in other countries celebrate it too, but with different things including eating pea soup!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed taking frying pans into the Outdoor Classroom and timing ourselves running Pancake races! We found out we could run across the field and back again within one minute.

In French, we loved learning a colour song with Madame Knight.

In ChIL, we enjoyed making pancakes with Mrs Houten and thought they were delicious when we shared them after our PE session. Some of us enjoyed a Pancake Maths quiz! We are enjoying using our world map and drawing flags from lots of different countries which we had never heard of before!

We ended the day with another amazing Show and Tell. We learnt that one of the girls has been to New Zealand and also has family living in South Island. We loved watching her PowerPoint and seeing her white water rafting.

On Wednesday, in Literacy we learnt a new word ‘here’ and used it to choose a country we would like to visit and write a sentence about it, for example ‘I am here in Australia.’

In Mathematics, we combined Skipping Workshop with the measuring of time! We timed ourselves skipping across the playground. We are getting so much better at skipping now which is great to see. Some of us used clocks to make times when we listened to ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ story.

In ChIL, we enjoyed making French flags while listening to some lovely French music. We can’t wait to see our flags around our amazing Eiffel Tower constructions.

We ended the day hearing all about the Czech Republic. We loved seeing photographs of Prague, beautiful sunny days and freezing winter days skiing and sledging. We all want to visit Czech now!

On Thursday, we started the day with some Literacy.  We revised the sounds we know and had a go at writing some sentences using the tricky words we have learnt this week. We then had a special visitor in our Literacy lesson!  Alex the Storyteller came into the class to tell us a couple of Julia Donaldson stories, to mark World Book Day. We loved sitting quietly and listening to a story about a Unicorn and Rocking Horse and a second one called The Paperdolls.  Alex could remember all of the stories off by heart and did some funny voices for the characters! She also had props and costumes to enhance the stories for us. We loved it!

In Maths, we did some work on days of the week. We sang some songs to help us remember the order and then we laid out cards with the days on, in the correct order. Then we had to try and work out which day was missing, after Mrs Kendall turned one of the cards over. We also had a go and muddling them up and re ordering correctly.

In the afternoon, we had a fun time tasting some French food! We listed some of the French foods we knew about already and described what they tasted like.  We then all tried some French baguette and used words such as ‘crunchy’ and ‘chewy’ to describe it. We then went on to look at French Brie and some soft garlic cheese, Roule. Lots of us tried the Brie, but only a few of us fancied to more ‘smelly’ Roule! Four of us thought it was delicious though, and had some spread on a second piece of baguette! We finished our tasting session with some lovely, buttery croissants.

We then looked at some work by the French artist, Monet. We noticed how he uses little dots to create his painting and then had a go at re creating some of his work using sponges or corks dipped in paint. Some of us chose to add a cut out bridge or boat from a print out of an actual Monet painting.

On Friday, we had a handwriting session, focusing on t and u. We love having our very own handwriting books now and are really trying hard to form our letters correctly.

In Maths, we learnt all about the months of the year and recited some rhymes to help us remember them in the correct order. We talked about different things that happen in each month and what the weather might be like in each month.  We also discussed seasons and put the months into the right seasons using cards.

We had two PE session today and then a lovely calm mindfulness session to end the day. We are really enjoying doing some careful colouring on our mindfulness colouring pictures and have created some beautiful pictures!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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