Nursery Weekly News 8th March 2019

8th March 19

We began our topic work on ‘People Who Help Us’ with lots of train and bus activities as we are think about how bus and train drivers help us.

We played a train colour matching game with Mrs Holdstock, played with the train track, made Mobilo trains and used boxes to make trains and carriages, (PSE, Maths and EAD).

Some of us made tap-a-shape pictures of trains and buses and used our phonic knowledge to write labels, (Literacy and PD).

In our adult led activity we listened to the story ‘The Runaway Train’, by Benedict Blathwayt. We all took a part and helped to act out the story. We were fantastic actors, (Literacy and EAD).

This week is World Book Day and we are going to have some visiting story tellers. Today Mrs Bishop came in and read us a story about a Daddy who helps his daughter. It was called ‘The Princess and the Peas’ by Caryl Hart. It was so funny and we loved it, (CL and Literacy).

On Tuesday morning we learnt our new sound ‘o’ . We then played a game finding objects and matching their initial sounds to a sound tile. We were exceptionally clever with the tiles and managed to sound and blend the words ‘hat’, ‘rat’ and ‘pat’, (Literacy).

We then had a great ChIL in the sunshine and read with our teachers. Mrs Comer, Deputy Head, came to play with us. We told Mrs Comer that we were going to have pancakes for snack today as it was Shrove Tuesday and we promised to make her one, (PSE). They were yummy and Mrs Comer really enjoyed it.

We had an energetic ‘Sticky Kids’ session and noticed the changes in our heart from resting when our hearts were beating slowly, to after exercise when they were beating really fast, (PD).

We began our morning on Wednesday making pictures of trains using different shapes which we cut out using scissors, (PD). We then wrote our names on our paper and tried to write ‘train’ by listening carefully to the sounds in the word and trying to write them independently, (Literacy).

In our adult led activity we explored the Maths concept of more and less. We also considered if two groups of items counted together were the same as the total we originally had. We sang the song ‘Down at the Station’ and one by one drove our trains off to another station. We counted the trains at each station and then added the two together, (Maths and EAD).

We awarded a ‘Golden Welly’ certificate to one of our friends and then shared our ‘Runner Bean Race’ news. We think that Freya’s is the tallest at the moment, but no one has a flower yet!

Thursday arrived and it was World Book Day. To celebrate we had a visit from ‘Alex the Story Teller’. Alex told us the stories ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ and ‘The Paper Dolls’, both by Julia Donaldson. We helped to act out the stories, joined in with repeating refrains and sang some great songs, (PSE, EAD and Literacy). We had a great time.

In inside ChIL we enjoyed play in our role play area. Emilie and Tommy had s super time visiting our ‘jail’. We also enjoyed painting, playdough and drawing.

We then had another visitor, Mr Smith from Form III. Mr Smith came to read us the story ‘Zoe and Beans, Pants on the Moon’. Mr Smith told us that he reads this to his children. We loved listening to the story and all the adventures of Zoe, Beans and Zoe’s pants!!

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we worked in teams making train tracks and villages, (PD and PSE). We worked together really well taking account of each others ideas.

On Friday we thought about being bus drivers and how they help people to get to work, school, around the zoo and lots of other places. We told our teachers about some of the bus journeys we had been on, (CL and UW). We then went down to the tennis court and acted out the wheels on the bus. First of all we had to find the bike that had our name on and then we noticed a ticket attached that had a number on. We had to go and pay for our bus ride by matching number to quantity counting out pennies, (Maths and UW). We then had a great time zooming around the tennis court and noticed once again that all the exercise had made our hearts beat fast,( PD).

Next week we are thinking about how Doctors and Nurses help us. Have fun this weekend.

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