Reception Weekly News March 1st

1st March 19

Welcome back everyone!

We couldn’t wait to get started on our new topic ‘Our Amazing World’ so we incorporated it immediately into Monday’s Literacy! We listened to ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers and used the new tricky word ‘all’ to make posters to show our parents what our new topic was going to be. We also made little puppets of children from around the world.

In Mathematics, we found out we were going to be practising our number formation. We learnt some little rhymes which help us to remember how to form each number. We then worked on a variety of activities which promoted accurate number formation, including magic rainbow number lines, fishing for numbers and writing them down and using the paint dabbers.

In ChiIL and our topic time, we spent time looking at the world on a globe and then a large floor map. We told our friends which countries we had visited with our families. We loved hearing about whole day flights to Australia, visiting beaches in Norfolk, seeing lots of different animals in Swaziland and Disneyland in Florida! We are a well-travelled group of girls!

We enjoyed some outdoor ChIL in the sunshine searching for minibeasts. We found woodlice, ladybirds, snails and millipedes.

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we loved making peg board flags. We matched up the flags to our world map to see which country they represented. We also enjoyed making London landmarks using Tap a Shape.

In Literacy, we talked about how we can look after our amazing world and one way is by recycling our rubbish! We found out which things we can recycle. We took time to make posters reminding our parents to recycle their rubbish rather than throwing it all into the bin!

In Mathematics, we moved our bodies to a teens number workout and loved rescuing people with the correct teens number to the helicopter in our Smart Board game. We then played teens number lotto in small groups, matching amounts to the numerals.

In ChIL, we took so much time and care to draw London landmarks looking closely at photographs and pictures. We even made the Tower of London in the Outdoor Classroom using the large bricks!

On Wednesday, in Maths Busy Fingers we tried hard to make teens numbers using Numicon. We also made London bus dot-to-dot pictures.

In Literacy, we loved listening to ‘A walk in London’ and found out lots more about London sights. We then made postcards encouraging our friends to visit London using the tricky word ‘come’.

In Mathematics, we went on a teens number hunt. We searched high and low for teens number in the Outdoor Classroom and did that many large movements, including jumps, hops and skips.

We had a very busy ChIL and Topic time! Some of us made scones with Mrs Houten which we were looking forward to eating the next day as part of our Afternoon Tea. We also made beautiful sky backgrounds for our London landmarks.

On Thursday, we revised the tricky words we have learned this week.  We are all super quick when recognising the words on flash cards! Our handwriting is really improving too.  Some of us went outside with Miss Smith to hunt for flowers that had the tricky words printed on. When we found them, we used chalk to copy them onto the ground in the outside area. The other girls stayed inside and used magnetic letters to write tricky words.

We then did some preparation for a special event in the afternoon….we made some cucumber sandwiches! We all followed instructions carefully and spread butter, cut our bread in half and laid thin slices of cucumber on the bread. They looked tasty!

In Maths, we practised counting forwards and backwards around a circle, whilst passing a teddy bear. We then challenged ourselves to count in twos! We looked at the number line on the wall and realised when we are counting in twos, we are saying every other number.

In the afternoon, we learned a little about The Royal Family, in connection with our topic this week, England. We looked at photos of the royal family and discussed their names and how they were related to each other. We were all amazed to learn that Prince Phillip is going to be 98 this year!  That’s nearly 100!

After we had a go at writing some of the names of the Royal Family, we went outside for some outdoor ChIL with Mrs Houten, while a splendid afternoon tea was being set up in the classroom!  We all brought in an accessory to wear (scarf, beads etc) and sat around a big table to take a traditional afternoon tea together. We ate the cucumber sandwiches we made earlier in the day, had milk and water out of posh tea pots and were all very good at holding out our pinky finger when drinking from our cup and saucer! We then moved on to spreading cream and jam onto our scones and finished with some dainty jam tarts and raspberry iced sponges. We had ‘An English Country Garden’ playing in the background too.  It was a delightful afternoon!

On Friday, we watched Form I perform their assembly.  It was fabulous!

We then came back to class and had a handwriting session, focusing on i and l.  We practised big movements to begin with and then wrote lots of those letters on specially prepared sheets.

We had two PE sessions today and were definitely ready for our mindfulness session to wrap up the week!  We relaxed with cushions on the floor, breathing deeply and stretching, listening to some lovely classical music. We then had a few minutes to carry on with our mindfulness colouring, before getting ready to go home.

We have had a wonderful week in Reception! Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday to continue our topic….we are off to France!

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