Nursery Weekly News 1st March 2019

1st March 19

We began the week by introducing our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’. We all gave lots of ideas about different people who help us, including the Police, the Fire Brigade, Doctors, Dentists, Dustman, Builders and many more. We talked about all the things that they do to help people, (CL and UW).

In our adult-led activity we sang ‘Five Little Fireman Standing in a Row’ and matched numeral to quantity and explored the concept of one less. We climbed in a fire engine and rushed off to help as the song went on, (Maths and EAD). We then watched a short clip about some Fire Officers rushing to a rescue, (UW).

We had a fantastic outdoor ChIL in the sunshine. We went on a bug hunt, played with the metal detectors, did drawing with our friends, used the climbing frame, enjoyed painting and made camps with our friends. It was so warm that we also had snack time outside.

We celebrated Thea’s fourth birthday, which was during the half-term break and Thea moved her photo up onto the four cake.

On Wednesday morning we had a very industrious ‘Busy Fingers’. We explored the changing properties of cornflour as we mixed it with water. We were amazed at how it was sometimes soft and then felt hard, (EAD). We used some lovely vocabulary to describe the textures; sticky, cold, soft, hard, smooth, (CL).

We also pretended to be Police Officers and then built a Police Station, which Lily Rabbit sat inside, (EAD and UW).

In our adult-led activity we learnt our new sound ‘g’ and recapped all of our previously learnt sounds. We then played a listening game. Mrs Radgman had some objects from our ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. We talked about the different objects and described them using lots of vocabulary, they were a fireman’s helmet, a police lady, a fire lady, a syringe and a stethoscope. Mrs Radgman then hid the items and used words to describe them and we had to listen carefully and guess what they were,(CL). Great work!

We finished our morning with a lovely story about Topsy and Tim at the fire station. We talked about smoke alarms and where they might be in our houses, (UW).

On Wednesday morning we were incredibly busy in ‘Busy Fingers’. We found that some of our construction toys would stick to our table legs and chair legs. Some of us realised that the toys were magnetic, (UW).

We also formed a Nursery band singing and adding instruments to the song ‘In My Little Garden’, (EAD). We were astounding! Watch out for an upload on Tapestry!

In our adult-led activity we used the Beebot toy, (UW). We pretended he was a fire engine and then a police car and then moved him around our Nursery rhymes mat, pressing the correct number of times on the buttons and in the right direction to get to an emergency. Beebot mended the Ugly Trolls bridge that had broken and rescued the goats, arrested the Big Bad Wolf for intimidating Little Red Riding Hood, rescued Rapunzel from the tower, told Goldilocks off for breaking into the Three Bear’s House and many more, (PSE and Literacy).

In our Music lesson with Mrs Harte we explored rhythm using the xylophone. We tapped out our names using the number of beats in our name. We then played fast, slowly, quietly and loudly. We had a great time!

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read ‘Mog the Forgetful Cat’ and talked about what would happen to the burglar who went into Mog’s house. We realised that the Police would take him to the Police Station. We pretended that we were at the Police Station and we took photos of each other and then wrote our names and numbers underneath to make our very own ‘mugshots’ for the role-play Police Station, (UW, PSE, Maths and Literacy). We then had a great time playing Police Officers and also Fire Fighters, (EAD and PSE).

We began Thursday working hard in ‘Busy Fingers’. We made our fingers strong by joining together enormous beads and then counted 1:1 correspondence the long wiggly worm we had made with them, (EAD and Maths). We also coloured some pictures of different people who help us in the world, (PD).

During our Registration Time we learnt that there is a new job in Nursery. This half-term there will be a ‘Special Helper’ who will assist with jobs for the teachers and also help their friends, (PSE). Today was Emilie and she was very helpful taking a broken trike to Mr Nick and asking him politely if he could please fix it, (PSE and CL). The trike was mended in a flash!

In French with Mrs Bishop we sang ‘Five Little Fireman’, but this time counting in French. We then made 999 calls using French words to explain our emergency, (UW). We also learnt a song in French about a chef burning the food.

In ChIL all the other children in Nursery took photos of one another using the school camera and then made a ‘mugshot’ for the Police Station. We wrote numbers underneath trying really hard to identify each number and then write it, (Maths).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read ‘Flashing Fire Engine’ and spotted all the rhyming words. We then looked at the shapes of the rescue vehicles and drew our own ones using our 2D shape knowledge, (Literacy and Maths).

Friday was yet another busy day in the Nursery at St Hilda’s. We began our morning by going to watch the Form I assembly. We sat so beautifully and really enjoyed all their work on the Antarctic, (PSE and UW). Mr Sayers awarded us the ‘Smartest Form Cup’ at the end of assembly for all the amazing work that we have been doing lately.

We completed our morning with a very exciting Outdoor Learning session putting out chalk fires in the car park using the hose. We had such fun and felt just like real Fire Fighters, (UW).

Next week we will be learning about the work that train and bus drivers do to help us. Have fabulous weekends.

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