Reception Weekly News February 15th

15th February 19

We really enjoyed our last week working on our ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’ topic.

On Monday, in Literacy we loved rehearsing our Class Assembly in the hall. We are all trying so hard to remember our words and can’t wait to share it with everyone on Friday!

In Mathematics, we discovered we are learning about 3D shapes. We quickly recalled the shape names and talked about each shape’s faces. We then played a ‘Guess my Shape’ game, where one person chose a shape and gave us clues about their shape. We had to guess which shape they were describing. We watched a short clip on the smartboard which linked 3D fat shapes to everyday shapes and then we cut and stuck shapes and labelled them carefully with the correct mathematical name.

In ChIL, we enjoyed painting Fairy Tale characters to turn into posters advertising our Fairy Tale Fancy Dress Party on Wednesday!

On Tuesday, in Literacy we enjoyed turning our Fairy Tale paintings into posters adding two new tricky words ‘you’ and ‘are’. We wrote sentences such as ‘You are invited to our Fancy Dress party’ and ‘You can dance’ and ‘You can make cakes’. We put some in the windows so our Mums and Dads could find out about the party!

In Mathematics, we recapped the 3D shapes and enjoyed singing along to a 3D shape song. We then worked in teams to build real 3D shapes to build with.

We were so excited to discover that some of our lovely Grandmas had written back to us! We loved reading the letters which they had sent us.

In ChIL, we enjoyed threading skipping ropes through the new fence.

Wednesday was a very exciting day! We had filled up our sweet jar and had chosen to have a Fairy Tale themed party. We counted how many sweets we had in our jar and discovered it was 83. Wow! Well done girls, you must have worked so hard.

In Busy Fingers, we loved cutting out a little puppet and turning it into a fairy tale character while listening to lovely Disney music!

In Literacy, we had played lots of fun playing tricky word party games! We never stop learning in Reception! We threw quoits over tricky word bottles, made tricky words from letters in sprinkles, made words using party pompoms and fished for Peter Pan’s coin words in the sand pit! What a fun start to our party! We then played Tricky Word Musical Bumps. We had to dance around and sit on a tricky word coin when the music stopped. We then had to read the word before having the next turn. Brooke won the game in the end!

In ChIL, we loved listening to ‘Mr Wolf and the Three Bears’ and finding out about how Mr Wolf arranged a party for Baby Bear. Mr Wolf made delicious Huff and Puff chocolate crispy cakes, so we decided to make our own cakes. We weighed out the ingredients and set about making our cakes. While waiting for the chocolate to melt, we loved watching Dora’s Fairytale Adventure. They were so tasty.

We went outside and played the Fairy Tale character 4 corner game. We ran (carefully with our dresses on!) to different characters in each corner and the last girl to reach each one was out of the game. Isabelle won the game in the end. We came back in and pinned the slipper onto Cinderella while blindfolded! Thea, Lottie and Isabelle were the closest.

On Thursday, we enjoyed showing our parents around our classroom.  They came to see all of our lovely art work that we have worked so hard on over the last half term.  We also enjoyed some Valentines busy fingers activities.  We then had another rehearsal for our assembly. It’s going to be amazing!

After playtime, we revised some basic addition using sorting bears and hoops on the carpets.  We are getting really good at writing number sentences using the correct symbols in the right places.

In the afternoon we had a visit from Mini Professors. A lady called Professor Tash joined us and showed us lots of interesting experiments that involved chemical reactions.  We cleaned 2p coins using vinegar and salt and we made balloons blow up by tipping bicarbonate of soda into vinegar and putting a balloon over the neck of the bottle containing the vinegar!  It was amazing to watch!  We also watched some Mento sweets being put into a bottle of Coke…..what a huge explosion!  The Coke flew so high up in the air, we were all grateful for the safety goggles we were given, just in case of splashes!

On Friday, we performed our class assembly to the whole school and our parents.  We thoroughly enjoyed showing everyone what we have been doing in the last half term.  We were really brave and stood up and said our lines beautifully.

After assembly we did some basic dictation using the sounds and tricky words we have learnt.  Our letter formation has really progressed and we can really hear the sounds in the words now.

In Maths, we worked in pairs to make each other number sentences using objects.  We used lots of vocabulary such as ‘more’ and ‘less’ and some of us even had a go at using numbers over 10!

We had two very energetic PE sessions with Mrs Rushbrook today and then a well deserved Mindfulness session to round off the week.

Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 25th February.

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