Form I News 15th February

15th February 19

To taste or not to taste? …….That is the question!

We decided to put our taste buds to the test by performing a blind taste test. We tried four different tastes and recorded on a table whether we thought each food substance tasted sweet, sour, salty or bitter. The hard bit was that we did not see what we were tasting as we had to close our eyes while Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Matthews put a little of each food on to our spoon. We tried really hard to use our taste buds to describe how the food tasted. We also tried to predict what the food could actually be. After we had all completed our recordings we found out what we had actually been tasting.

Food 1 was salt and tasted salty.

Food 2 was sugar and tasted sweet.

Food 3 was lemon juice and tasted sour.

Food 4 was coffee and tasted bitter.

In Maths we have continued to look at time and how the hands on the clock move through quarter and half turns around the clock face. We have also been investigating the concept of weight. We took turns to become a human balance scale. The heavier object goes down and the lighter object goes up. We compared different weights and even predicted how many wooden blocks would weigh the same amount as each object and balance the scales.  Clara pointed out that she used scales to do cooking. We thought this was a great idea and finished the week by using the scales to weigh out the ingredients we needed to bake some biscuits for our snack!

During PSHCE we talked how we would feel if we were travelling and not in contact with our families. We imagined how Captain Scott might have felt and wrote diary entries pretending that we were Captain Scott. We decided to try to make our work look old as Captain Scott wrote his diary in 1910. We felt rather naughty as we tore the edges off our work and then scrumpled the paper up before soaking it in the sink with some tea bags! The effect was great as our diary entries now look really old.

Have a super Half Term holiday.

Please remember to learn your words for our class assembly!

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