Reception Weekly News Feb 8th

8th February 19

Wow! What a fun start to the week! In Communication and Language, we loved welcoming Perform to Reception. We enjoyed our Superhero workshop!

In Mathematics, we found out we were going to be learning about another way to measure; weight. We talked about how we can compare weights using vocabulary such as heavy and light. We looked at balancing scales and noticed how they go down if something heavy is in them and go up if something light is in them! We then worked out if objects were heavy or light and sorted them into two groups.

In ChIL, we loved hearing The Enormous Turnip. We talked about which characters tried to pull up the turnip and in which order. We recalled ordinal numbers which we had previously learnt in Mathematics. We then made close observational drawings of vegetables.

On Tuesday, in Literacy we loved hearing about another Superhero – our Mums! We learnt the tricky word ‘do’ and thought of things that we do with our Mums.  We used our phonic knowledge to write simple sentences about our Mums. We also made cards for our Mums and printed pretty flowers using our Busy Fingers, which we might save for a special day later in March!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening to a song about measurement. We learnt that we can measure time using clocks, temperature using thermometers, length with rulers and weight using scales. We then used the balance scales to see how many cubes heavy different objects were.

In ChIL, we liked hearing about the superhero Max. We then tried to think of which superpower we would like. We painted ourselves as a superhero, adding details such as capes, masks and badges.

On Wednesday in Busy Fingers, we made a delicious ice-cream for our Grandmas! In Literacy, we loved the story about ‘Me and my Grandma’. We decided to write a letter to our Grandmas.

In the afternoon, we loved walking to the Post Box around the corner to post our letters to our Grandmas. We spotted a time on the Post Box which was 4 o’clock and we worked out that this will be the time the Postman or Postlady will pick up the post! We can’t wait for our Grandmas to receive their letters and hope they write back to us.

On Thursday, we started the day by using our fine motor skills to decorate superhero masks! They were so bright and colourful and we took so much time and effort to make them as neat as possible.

In Literacy we revised all of the tricky words we have learned so far.  We then looked at a new tricky word, ‘of’.  We then delved into a feely bag and took out an object and drew a picture ‘of’ the item in a beautiful frame.  We then used our phonic knowledge and sound cards to write a sentence to go with their picture.

Some of also practised writing tricky words in coloured sand, played tricky word bingo and also used storytelling cards on the carpet to make up new versions of some of the familiar tales we have learning about over the past few weeks.

In Maths, we revised making o’clock times with our own little clocks.  We also started to talk about the sequence of events during a day and what happened at various points in the day, eg, morning and evening.

In the afternoon, we had the first run through of our class assembly……but we mustn’t give too much away!  We are looking forward to showing you our assembly next Friday.

On Friday, we completed a carousel of activities connected to all of the tricky words we have learned in Reception.  We are so good at picking out the tricky words when we are reading now, and we are getting better and better at writing them from memory.  We used fishing rods to catch letters and made them into tricky words and also used chalk outside to practise our letter formation.

In Maths, we ordered objects from heaviest to lightest, to check that we could remember the different vocabulary we had learnt previously.  We also had a quick revision of making half past times.

In the afternoon, we were super energetic in our PE lesson and then calmed down and relaxed with a mindfulness session.

See you next week for the last week in school before our half term break!

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