Nursery Weekly News 8th February 2019

8th February 19

This week we are sharing the stories of our ‘Favourite Author’ Julia Donaldson.

In our adult-led activity we listened to the story ‘Rosie’s Hat’. We thought carefully about the sequence of the story and realised that the beginning and end are similar. In the beginning Rosie lost her hat and in the end one of her children loses their hat! In the story Rosie grew up to be a fire officer. We talked about what we would like to be. Emilie a vet, Freya a Mummy, Tilly and Thea doctors, Tommy and Willow police officers, (Literacy and UW).

We then had an amazing Superhero workshop. We saved the planet from global warning in 45 mintues, (UW and EAD). Phew, we were exhausted!

We had a fabulous singing session with Mrs Weir exploring the sounds of many different instruments as we sang, ‘I am the Music Man’ (EAD).

Tuesday arrived and hooray we were off to the Library to share some of the stories written by this week’s author Julia Donaldson. We walked carefully to town spotting the bulbs in gardens which are starting to sprout and looking for letters on road signs.

Once we arrived at the Library Elaine and Martine the Librarians told us lots of exciting facts about the Library and showed us how to use the Library. We then listened to the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson and had to make different actions for each animal. We loved the story.

We then coloured in some ‘Room on the Broom’ pictures and tried to spot the difference between a picture from the story.

We then chose a book each and Martine showed us how to take the book out using our Library card.

We had a snack whilst listening to ‘Room on the Broom’ and met Bookstart Bear, who sang us a lovely rhyme. We then walked safely back to school after a most enjoyable trip.

On Tuesday afternoon we had a busy session of physical activities with Mrs Houten. We listened carefully to instructions and warmed up our bodies before we exercised. We also warmed down at the end and took time to feel the changes in our heart rate,(PD).

On Wednesday morning we fed coins into money boxes and then counted coins when we took them out, (PD and Maths). We also made models out of magnetic construction and then put small world people in them, (EAD).

Today we learnt our new sound ‘m’. Mrs Weir has made a special table for us with lots of items that begin with our weekly sound. We found money, a monkey, a marble and best of all marshmallows. We ate a couple for a treat at snack time. Thank you Mrs Weir.

Miss Smith came to share her favourite story ‘Room on a Broom, by Julia Donaldson. We all listened beautifully and Miss Smith said that we could all put a marble in the jar.

In ChIL we found a strange box outside with some pigs in, a story and a letter to the Nursery children. Thea opened the letter and found a note from the Three Little Pigs who wanted us to build them a strong house to protect them from the big bad wolf. We got busy straight away in inside ChIL building a very strong brick house,(Literacy, PSE and EAD).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we shared the story ‘Hippo has a Hat’, by Julia Donaldson. We spotted all the rhymes in the story and noticed that the caterpillar wore many pairs of shoes. We wondered what a ‘pair’ was and quickly realised that it meant two of the same. Mrs Radgman had hidden lots of socks around the classroom and sent us to hunt for them. We then matched them up in pairs, counted them and then worked hard to join them all together, (Maths and PD). We are now ready to sort the socks in the washing each week!

On Thursday morning we had a great French lesson with Mrs Bishop who read us the story ‘ Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson. We learnt the French words for butterfly, monkey, caterpillar and many more. We then watched a short dvd where Julia Donaldson sang a song about the monkey in the story and used Makaton signs. We tried really hard to join in with the signs.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we played the CD Sounds game again. We love this game and Mrs Radgman was really proud of the way we are listening well and recognising so many more sounds,(CL). Well done!

On Friday in busy fingers, Tilly and Emilie spent a long time creating a tower that they wanted to make taller than Mrs Weir.  When they ran out of tower blocks they cleverly chose the links to continue their tower until it was even taller than Mrs Weir!! (Maths)

The children also enjoyed a rhyming game with Mrs Holdstock this morning where they had to find a rhyming card to match the sound of the word on their little house.  The children are becoming much more confident with hearing rhymes and are beginning to create rhyming strings eg cat, bat, sat, hat (L, CL).

In Outdoor ChIL the children found a huge box and used it to hide from the ‘wolf’ who was roaming the playground (EAD)!!

To finish off our fantastic week we played some lovely games in music with Mrs Harte  choosing some of our favourite songs, (EAD).

Next week is the final week of our ‘Favourite Authors’ topic and we will be sharing books by Nick Butterworth. Enjoy your weekends and have fun.

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