Reception Weekly News Feb 1st

1st February 19

What a busy week we have had in Reception!

On Monday, we loved listening to the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We thought carefully about the foods Grandma might want in her picnic basket. We also wrote letters from the Wolf to say sorry to Little Red for trying to eat her. We signed the letters off at the end with ‘love me’ as ‘me’ was one of our tricky words. In Literacy ChIL, we designed Grandma’s cottage and threaded vines around the front with wool and also used chopsticks to move food into little bowls.

In Mathematics, we listened to ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancakes’. Mr Wolf wanted to make some pancakes but didn’t know how to read a recipe, write a shopping list and count out his money! He called on his neighbours and friends in Reception for help with counting out his money. We looked at 1p coins and used lots of pennies to make different amounts.

In the afternoon, we loved following a recipe to bake our own cakes. We weighed out the ingredients, cracked our own eggs and mixed until our arms were sore! We had a lovely cake mixture at the end.

We ended the day hearing all about one of our friends amazing skiing achievements. Wow! We were impressed.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed playing shops in the Maths Challenge. We posted lots of coins into piggy banks with our Busy Fingers. We also iced our cupcakes independently.

In Literacy, we learnt a new tricky word ‘we’ and followed instructions on how to make our own sandwiches with Mrs Houten. We read each instruction, choosing fillings and cutting our sandwiches up independently.

We practised our cutting skills by sticking foods into Grandma’s picnic basket. We also enjoyed using Little Red Riding Hood small world toys.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed watching a song about 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.  We then pretended to be shopkeepers and customers. We chose something to buy, read the price tag and tried to make the amount with the coins. Some of us went on to match amounts with the correct coins.

In Computing, we have enjoyed using iPads with Miss Smith.

Lunch was a surprise as we had a picnic using Little Red Riding’s Hood’s picnic mat and basket! We loved eating our own sandwiches and cupcakes.

In French, with Madame Knight, we took it in turns to have a little conversation with her in French. Amazing spoken language girls!

In ChIL, Little Red Riding Hood had a problem for our Fairy Godmother. She keeps wandering off the path on her way to Grandma’s house and getting lost and didn’t know what to do. We decided to make a whole class map and then individual maps for her. We produced such detailed maps and know that she will never get lost again.

We ended the day with a brilliant ‘I can’ Show and Tell; one of our friends can tie their own hair up into a pony tail and bun! We enjoyed a live demonstration before watching a film clip of her mastering the skill.

On Wednesday, in Maths Busy Fingers we enjoyed playing ’10 in a bed’ adding and taking away game with Mrs Renahan. We enjoyed counting out ice blocks to match numbered igloos and playing ‘The Big Bad Wolf’ game with Mrs Bishop and Miss Smith.

In Literacy, we learnt a new tricky word ‘be’ and decided to make warning posters for Little Red Riding Hood. We told her to ‘Be careful in the woods’ and ‘Beware of the wolf!’ Miss Smith played a fun tricky word game where we had to roll the dice and match it to the tricky word and have a go at writing it.

We enjoyed our Skipping Workshop, warming up to Go Noodle and skipping inside the classroom as it was too cold to skip without our coats outdoors. Coats seem to hinder our skipping action! We were filmed by the film crew who were in school making a little film about St Hilda’s and then had a turn at being the crew, taking pictures and films of our friends. Such fun!

In Mathematics, we sang ‘5 currant buns’ with a difference! We chose a bun but had to look carefully at the price tag and make the correct amount each time. Some of us then learnt how to count 2p coins by counting in steps of 2. Tricky work!

In ChIL, we enjoyed listening to ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We then heard about the pigs having a problem; they wanted our help to build the strongest house ever! We built three houses using straw, sticks and bricks and loved seeing if they would stay upright as we chanted ‘I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down’ as Mrs Bishop aimed a hairdryer onto them! Our prediction was right; the strongest house by far was the brick house.

On Thursday, we learned a new tricky word, ‘was’.  We all had a go at writing it on the Smart Board in different colours and also came up with sentences using the word.  We shared the sentences with our friends and then also revised all of the sounds and tricky words learnt so far.  This is very important, so we don’t forget them!

We then completed some sentences using ‘was’, played tricky word bingo and had fun making silly sentences with the story jigsaw.

In Maths, we were introduced to the concept of telling the time.  We all had our own mini clock and were fantastic at making o’clock times!  We could even pick out given times from 3 different clocks on the Smart Board!

In the afternoon, we listened to the story of Hansel and Gretel and then used junk to model our own sweetie house.  We worked as a group, planning and executing our ideas using different materials.  We had a lovely time!  We also designed our own sweetie house on paper using crayons and felt pens.

What an exciting snowy day Friday was!  We all came to school a little later than usual and had a wonderful time playing in the snow with our friends.  We then came inside to warm up with a hot chocolate!

We did some tricky word revision and had another go at telling the time too.  Some of us can now make half past times!

We had PE with Mrs Rushbrook before having a delicious lunch with our friends.

After lunch, we had Circle Time and talked about ourselves and the good qualities we have.  After another PE session, we thoroughly enjoyed half an hour of mindfulness, relaxing and stretching to a Relax Kids CD and completing a mindfulness colouring.  What a lovely way to finish the week!

See you on Monday for more fun in Reception, we hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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