Nursery Weekly News 1st February 2019

1st February 19

We began another busy week with some tricky ‘Busy Finger’ challenges. Some of us used screwdrivers to turn screws into wood. We wore protective goggles to keep us safe, (PD). We also balanced marbles onto golf tees which was tricky but good for making a strong pincer grip. We also played a great game with Mrs Holdstock called ‘Traffic Jam’, (PSE).

This week’s author is Shirley Hughes. We read the story ‘Dogger’ and thought how we would feel if we lost our favourite toy, (CL and PSE).  We then visited Mrs Weir’s ‘Summer Fayre Stall’ and each bought a toy. We had to spot the price on the toy and then count out the right number of coins to match the number, (Maths).

We had a great outdoor ChIL in the winter sunshine and visited the rabbits and guinea pigs. We then worked on our ‘Next Steps’ during indoor ChIL. Our teachers were really proud of how hard we are working on our learning.

We had a great singing session with Mrs Weir learning some more traditional nursery rhymes and an old favourite song, ‘Row, row your boat’, (EAD).

Mrs Matthews came and shared her favourite story with us before our lunch. She read us ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson, which we all love too, (Literacy and PSE).

On Tuesday morning we worked on our ‘Scissor Challenge’. We used scissors to cut cress and snipped play dough too, (PD). We also tried to write our names and some simple cvc words in sand, (Literacy).

In our phonics session we learnt our new sound ‘r’. We had a great time making this new sound and pretending to be puppies ripping a rag! We then played a game matching the initial sound of an object to a letter tile. We were very good at it. We also noticed a couple of objects that rhymed in the bag of objects,(Literacy and CL).

We celebrated some of our friends achieving their ‘What’s Next’ steps and had a look at our board to see what we are all working on next, (PSE).

We finished the morning sharing a Shirley Hughes book called ‘Alfie Lends a Hand’ in our Library time.

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten the girls had a great time working on their gross motor skills. After a fantastic P.E. session with Reception working on catching and throwing skills they enjoyed following actions with the ‘Sticky Kids’ CD, (PD). After the sessions they all felt their hearts to see how the exercise had changed their heart rate.

On Wednesday morning we worked hard in ‘Busy Fingers’ scooping marbles into little glasses, trying to put elastic bands onto corks and making models with various types of construction, (PD and EAD). We also used stencils to draw pictures and labelled them with our emerging phonic knowledge, (Literacy).

In our adult led activity we shared the story ‘The Snow Lady’ by Shirley Hughes, as we were very excited by the snow the previous night. We listened really well and gave our thoughts and ideas on the characters and events in the story, (CL). We then went outside and completed an experiment pouring water into moulds to see if the water would freeze over night,(EAD).

In our inside ChIL we drew pictures of ‘Cuddly Duddly’ by Jez Alborough, a character from one of our books last week. We are learning to use shapes to recreate a picture and try to stay within the lines when we colour and collage, (EAD and Maths).

Today Mrs Johnstone came to read us one of her favourite stories, ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’, by Julia Donaldson. We loved all her funny voices and joined in with all the repeating refrains, (Literacy and PSE).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we continued with our snowman theme and watched ‘The Snowman’ by Raymond Briggs. We loved the songs and found the story really funny. We then made our own snowman using egg boxes, paint, glue, buttons and felt (EAD). They look great!

Madame Bishop came to visit us again with her friend Leo le chat to teach us all some more french words.  Madame Bishop brought a Shirley Hughes book with her to read and taught us some french words for animals and insects.  We are getting very good at French now!

On Thursday morning in Outdoor ChIL we were very excited to find that our experiment had worked and we had made some tree decorations made out of ice (UW)! We hung the decorations in the outdoor classroom and waited for them to melt.

We had a wonderful indoor ChIL session today too and created all sorts of exciting monsters using the K’nex shapes.  The girls and boys were able to copy the monsters on the pictures to make replica models, (EAD).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we watched and listened to Shirley Hughes on the smart board reading ‘Dogger’. We then each chose our favourite animal toy form the vets role play area and tried to draw it, (PD and EAD). They look amazing and will complete our washing lines of amazing art work in the classroom.

Friday had arrived and hooray, snow at last! Not everybody managed to get into Nursery but the few of us who did had a fun time. We played on the iPads during our ‘Busy Fingers’ session and made some monsters out of K’nex, (UW). Then came the main event, play in the snow. We took Willow’s sledge outside and had a great time whizzing around the field. We also joined the big girls making snowman. What a great day!

Have lots of fun in the snow this weekend and see you all on Monday for more topic work, this time on books by Julia Donaldson.

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