Reception Weekly News Jan 25th

25th January 19

What a fun week we have had in Reception!

On Monday, we started our Literacy off by sharing the story of ‘The Frog Prince’. We noticed the word ‘the’ in the title and quickly realised it’s a tricky word. We made our own class version of the story, writing sentences about the tale. We also made posters to remind the Frog Princess how to behave. We told her to be kind, keep her promises, share her toys and be polite. We hope she listens to us!

In Phonics, we also strengthened our fingers for writing by making different countries flags with the peg boards and painted paper plate semi-circles to turn into frogs later on in the week.

In Mathematics, we recalled all seven of the characters from the Frog Prince story and remembered a nursery rhyme about frogs! It was a taking away or subtraction rhyme. We acted out the rhyme and then watched a different version on the smartboard. We wrote the take away number sentences each time one was taken away. We are becoming more confident with writing number sentences now.

In ChiL, we loved making circular golden balls from the Frog Prince story using clay with Mrs Houten. We made different prints and patterns in the clay.

We also enjoyed using the magnetic construction. We realised we could stick it to the table legs and had fun working under the table!

We painted a large Princess using paint and collage materials to add to our Fairy Tale display. We ended the day hearing about one of our friend’s amazing talent; baking! We learnt all about how she bakes cakes using lots of lovely ingredients and she even magicked up a huge cake which we can’t wait to try tomorrow for snack time!

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers we enjoyed matching colours on huge peg boards. We loved cutting out new winter clothes to keep us snug and warm. We took time to add a few more illustrations to our class version of The Gingerbread Man. We think it’s a great story!

In Literacy, we learnt a new tricky word ‘I’. Some of us spent time thinking of something we are good at and wrote a speech bubble sentence telling everyone what we can do using the tricky word ‘I’. We all had a turn reading in a group during our guided reading. We also enjoyed turning the paper plates into frogs independently.

We loved Tuesday snack time; we enjoyed a slice of Livvy’s chocolate cake. Even the teachers enjoyed a slice and were caught on camera by Annabel!

In Mathematics, we loved watching 5 little princesses. We then acted the rhyme out using little people, taking one away each time. We worked out our own number sentences and wrote them independently.

In ChIL, we loved painted our clay balls using gold paint. We also used cylinder tubes to print with. Some of us were tired in the afternoon, so we took some time to lie down and read our class books in the book corner!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed playing and scoring the Spotty Dog game in Maths Busy Fingers.

In Literacy, we used the tricky work ‘he’ to write sentences about the amazing games the Frog Prince played. We played a rhyming game and tried really hard to continue a rhyming string, ie frog, log, bog and Mog. We also turned finger prints into little frogs!

We started our Happy Handwriting today. We used big movements to dance to ‘Baby shark’ and then had a go at writing lots of ‘l’ shapes using the correct formation. Great first attempt at handwriting girls!

In Mathematics, we loved singing ’10 green bottles’. We then rolled the dice and took some away from 10 each time, trying to work it out using our fingers too. We had a go at some really challenging subtraction sums and wrote our own number sentences.

Fairy Godmother had another problem to solve. The Frog Princess wrote to her to ask which material she should wear when jumping into the pond to get her own ball back! We tested lots of different materials to see if they were waterproof. We later discovered some of our own gloves aren’t even waterproof!

We ended the day hearing about how one of our friends is good at playing games at home, including Twister. What a great skill to have!

On Thursday, we learnt a new tricky word ‘she’.  We practised writing it on little whiteboards and then completed an activity mat based around the word.  We then formed it using playdough and also made little booklets containing pictures of girls doing lots of different activities.  We then had to write matching sentences, eg, ‘she is dancing’.

In Maths, we looked at 2d shapes and made lots of different shapes using lolly sticks.  We are getting really good at naming shapes and knowing their properties!

In the afternoon, we did lots of art as we are making a display all about The Princess and the Pea.  We used many different materials and methods to make lots of different mattresses for the Princess!  I wonder if she’ll feel the pea beneath them all!

On Friday, we recapped all of the tricky words we have learned this week.  We remembered them all and can put them in sentences!

In Maths, we took part in a carousel of activities based on 2d shapes.  We made pictures using Tap a Shape, naming the shapes we used as we went along.  We played 2d shape bingo and also completed a 2d shape properties worksheet.  We can tell you so much about shapes now!

We had PE in the afternoon and then had some relaxation time to wind down from a very busy week.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend and look forward to another busy week in Reception!

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