Nursery Weekly news 25th January 2019

25th January 19

This week our favourite author is Jez Alborough. We are looking forward to sharing the stories ‘ Some Dogs Do’, ‘Where’s My Teddy’ and ‘Duck in the Truck’.

We began our Monday with a boogie when Zoe arrived and told us that she loved a song by George Ezra. We all had a quick dance and then settled down to some ‘Busy Fingers’. We played board games with Mrs Holdstock, (PSE and Maths), made models out of Mobilo, (PD and EAD) and coloured pictures of snowflakes and winter clothes, (PD).

In our adult-led activity we read the story ‘Some Dogs Do’. We tried really hard to listen well and recall the sequence in the story and the characters, (CL and Literacy). We also talked about how Sid felt when his friends didn’t believe him, (PSE). We then pretended to be real authors and made our own books.

In ChIL we discovered that the pond was frozen. We enjoyed smashing the ice and talking about how it had formed. We then did an experiment filling shape cutters with water. We are going to leave them out all night to see if they freeze, (UW).

On Tuesday morning we learnt our new sound ‘h’. We listened to the story and then hopped around like the children in the story. We got so out of puff that we made some amazing ‘h,h,h,h,’ sounds. Inky Mouse then came to visit us and asked us if we would like to try some Sound Talk. Inky helped Mrs Radgman write some sounds on a board. We sounded out ‘s’,’a’,’t’ and some of us managed to blend them into the word ‘sat’. We tried again with different sounds and made ‘hat’, ‘cat’ and ‘hen’. We were amazing and all put a marble in the jar.

We  had a great outdoor ChIL investigating ice again and in our indoor ChIL we worked on drawing and decorating the characters from ‘Whatever Next’ for a new display. We also played with a teddy bears picnic and thought about Eddy and his Teddy in the Jez Alborough book, ‘Where’s My Teddy’, (UW and EAD).

In our Library session today we had a visit from Mr Sayers. Mr Sayers read us one of his favourite stories ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes. We cuddled up on the big sofa with our toys, Mr Sayers put the warm fire on and we sat intently listening, (CL and Literacy).

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we read Willow’s favourite book, which we really enjoyed. We also had a great physical session with the ‘Sticky Kids’ action songs.

We were so excited when we arrived at school today to see snow all over the school. We had a quick ‘Busy Fingers’ using equipment to make our fingers strong. We pegged food onto ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, and used hole punchers to make holes in card, (PD). We also made houses for bears building and balancing blocks.

We then wrapped up warm to explore the snowy school environment. We are working on our independence skills and everyone managed to put their own coats, hats and mittens on and some boys and girls can even do their zips up. Well done and well done to those who persevered trying to do zips up, (PD and PSE).

We spotted that the pond had a thick layer of ice on and then made our way to a snow covered field. We scooped up snow and made a tiny snowman and a snow dinosaur, we chased our teachers round the field and threw snow at them, we all made snow angels and then finally all had some high flying spins with our teachers, (PD and UW). After lots of chilly fun we returned to our classroom for some hot toast for snack.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we played a game trying to match the correct number of bears to numerals in hoops. We even tried to add two numbers together and put the right number of bears in, (Maths).

On Thursday morning we had a visit from Mrs Rushbrook who read two of her favourite stories, ‘Whatever Next’ and ‘Big Bear, Little Brother’, by Carl Norac. Mrs Rushbrook was so kind and said that we could keep one of the stories. We decided to send Mrs Rushbrook an email to thank her. The children dictated to Mrs Weir and she typed it up and we sent it off, (PSE and UW).

We all shared our books with our teachers today and they are really pleased with our emerging story language, (Literacy).

Today we  looked at the results of our experiment to see if shapes filled with water would freeze if we left them outside all night. To our surprise they had and we had a frozen gingerbread man, a chicken and a train, (UW).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we played the CD Sounds game. We checked how many counters we would each need to match the sounds to pictures on our boards and carefully counted out nine counters. We then listened so carefully and matched sounds to pictures. We helped each other when we were unsure of the sounds, (CL, PSE and Maths). We had a great time and asked to play the game two more times.

On Friday in our adult-led activity we read the story ‘Where’s My Teddy’ by Jez Alborough. We thought about how Eddy felt when he lost his teddy. After recalling the story using our emerging story language we played ‘Lost Teddy’ in the classroom. Mrs Weir hid a teddy and one of our friends shut their eyes so they didn’t know where it was. We then used egg shakers to help our friends find teddy. If they were far away we played softly and as they got nearer we played loudly until we found teddy, (CL and Literacy).

In the afternoon Mrs Houten shared the story ‘Cuddly Duddly’ by Jez Alborough with Willow. Together they looked at Penguins on the Smart Board to discover where they lived, (UW). Willow then used her shape knowledge to draw and decorate a penguin, (Maths and EAD).

Next week our ‘Favourite Author’ is Shirley Hughes. Enjoy your weekends. Have fun!

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