Reception Weekly News Jan 18th

18th January 19

We have enjoyed a Gingerbread Man inspired week in Reception!

On Monday, in Literacy we enjoyed seeing the traditional tale come to life on the smartboard. We then decided to write a class version of the story. We also took time to use our fine motor skills to follow lines on Gingerbread Men and enjoyed making playdough characters adding fine details.

In Mathematics, we read the story of the Gingerbread Man and looked at the order in which the characters were chasing him. We found out these are called ordinal numbers. We quickly realised these words include first, second, third, fourth and fifth. We had fun cutting out the characters and putting them into the correct order adding the ordinal numbers too.

In ChIL, we had fun painting the characters, woods and cottage from the story and can’t wait to make a map of the route in which the Gingerbread Man took to reach the river!

We ended the day with our first ‘Look what I can do?’ Show and Tell. We discovered we have a budding artist in Reception who enjoys using tiny tubes of paint to create wonderful creations at home, just like her Daddy did when he was young!

On Tuesday, we loved using the paint sticks to make Fairy Godmothers. We enjoyed using a Gingerbread themed tuff spot small world, acting out the story with friends. We also used tap a shape to make the characters from the story, adding speech bubbles to let everyone know what they are saying.

In Literacy, we took turns to join in with guided reading. This is when small groups read the same story. We all did really well.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed following directional and positional language to find Gingerbread Men in the Outdoor Classroom. We then hid our own characters and directed our friends to find them. What fun!

In ChIL, we discovered another problem for Fairy Godmother to solve! The Gingerbread Man wanted to know what would actually happen to him if he did get wet in the river. We tested out the problem using water of different temperatures; cold, warm and hot water. We tried to predict what would happen and thought of words such as ‘dissolve’, ‘melt’, crumble’ ‘soggy’. We then put the Gingerbread Man into the water to test out our predictions. We discovered that he crumbled and dissolved the most in the hot water. Never go near a hot swimming pool Gingerbread Man!

We also enjoyed a ball skills PE session with Mrs Weir. We ended the day with another Show and Tell. We loved listening to one of us playing the violin. We are talented girls!

On Wednesday, we enjoyed a Gingerbread Man Maths Busy Fingers! We enjoyed playing a dice game with Mrs Renahan, where we added a part of the Gingerbread Man each time we rolled a different number. We counted the sweets on each Gingerbread Man and matched them to their baking trays and loved working on a Gingerbread Man dot-to-dot from 0-48!

In Literacy, we took time to make signs and labels for our Gingerbread Man display. We also played a Gingerbread Man digraph bingo game with Mrs Houten. We had to fish a Gingerbread Man out of the Tuff Spot tray and if we had the matching digraph on our board, we coloured it in. We are doing so well recalling all of the digraph sounds.

In Mathematics, we combined Maths with Technology and learnt how to use the Beebots using directional language. We learnt how to move them forwards and backwards and then introduced left and right turns too! We then used the Beebots on both Shape and Fairy Tale mats.

In ChIL, we loved baking Gingerbread Man dough, following a recipe, measuring out the ingredients and mixing it all together. The dough looked delicious!

We ended the day finding out about of the girls amazing swimming skills. She had moved up from Beginners to Improvers swimmers and can even hold her breath under the water!

On Thursday morning, we used cutters to make our gingerbread men!  It was a long Busy Fingers session, we had a lot of dough to make a lot of gingerbread men with!  We had great fun rolling the dough out with big rolling pins and then using the cutters and finally, adding currants for eyes and buttons.  Mrs Kendall had to be very careful checking their progress in the oven, just in case they decided to leap out and make a run for it!  They turned out beautifully and we thoroughly enjoyed eating them for our snack.

We then moved onto Phonics and learnt the digraph ‘ar’ as in scarf and park.  We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books and when we weren’t doing that, we were drawing stars outside with chalk, making collages of scarves and completing word puzzles.

In the afternoon, we made our very own gingerbread men out of sandpaper!  We used lots of super vocabulary to describe what it felt like, ‘bumpy’ and ‘rough’ were two popular choices! We even rubbed some ground ginger into the sandpaper to make them smell authentic!

We also did some experimentation with floating and sinking.  We tried to work out which material would make the best boat for the gingerbread man to sail across the river in!  To save him being taken by the fox!  We used tin trays, wood and paper to test.  We had lots of discussion about floating, sinking and materials, it was lovely to hear.  We decided in this case, the tin tray would float the best!

On Friday, we did a sound recognition activity and had a go at writing some digraphs independently.  We have all got fabulous listening skills now!

In Maths, we took part in a carousel of activities to help us with our number formation.  Some of us threw a die and then made the number shown with playdough, some of use used paint dabbers to dab around a printed out number and we also took handfuls of counters and counted them and wrote the number on a whiteboard.

We enjoyed some indoor and outdoor PE in the afternoon with Mrs Rushbrook and after a Special Person circle time, we were all ready for a relaxing weekend!

See you on Monday!

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