Nursery Weekly News 18th January 2019

18th January 19

We had a very industrious ‘Busy Fingers’ this morning. We played board games with Mrs Holdstock, made tap-a-shape pictures of the characters from the Large family books by our new favourite author Jill Murphy, and used our emerging phonic knowledge to label our floor drawings, ( PD, PSE, and Literacy).

In our adult-led activity Mrs Radgman read us the story ‘A Piece of Cake’ by Jill Murphy. We pretended to be the elephants in the story exercising around the classroom, (Literacy and PD). We then thought about and looked at the ingredients you usually use to make a cake; butter, flour, sugar and eggs. We then made our own recipes using printed pictures and our phonic knowledge to label them, (Literacy and PD).

We then  met a new class friend called ‘Listening Lily’. Mrs Radgman explained that Lily was going to be allowed to come to our houses for a sleepover if we could really improve with our listening skills. Each time we listen well we can put a picture of Lily on the chart and when we get to three we can take Lily home, (PSE and CL).

In outside ChIL we made bird feeders for the birds who visit the school. We pushed sunflower seeds into apples, threaded Cheerios and then painted porridge and water onto the trees, (UW and PD).

On Tuesday we learnt our new sound ‘e’. We then played a game spotting rhyming items. We had a tray full of different items including a box and socks, a hen and a pen, a boat and a goat, a star and a car and a frog and a log. We had to try to match them together. We then played Kim’s game with the ten objects. Mrs Radgman took one away and we had to work out which item from the rhyming pairs had gone, (PSE and Literacy).

In our Library session we shared Thea’s favourite book, which also happens to be one of Mrs Radgman’s favourite books, ‘Alfie Gets in First’ by Shirley Hughes. Thea told us all about the story before we read it. Thank you Thea for bringing in such a lovely story, (CL and Literacy).

We then shared Emilie’s Star of the Day news and saw a picture of the baby in Emilie’s Mummy’s tummy. Emilie told us that ‘the baby is smiling’, (PSE).

In the afternoon we did some Sticky Kids action songs with Mrs Houten and had great fun, (PD).

Wednesday morning had arrived and we were so excited for our walk to town to visit Simmons bakers and the park. All dressed in our tracksuits, like the Large family in the book ‘A Piece of Cake’, we set off for town carefully crossing roads and spotting letters on road signs and numbers on houses. When we got to the bakers we looked at all the different cakes and biscuits that they sell and then asked very politely for the one that we wanted. We counted out our coins and then said ‘Thank You’. We also bought a loaf of bread for Mrs Delves in the Office, an iced bun for Mrs Johnstone and a gingerbread man and cup cake for Mrs Bishop and Mrs Houten,( PD, UW, Maths, CL and PSE).

After all our shopping we walked to Rothampsted Park and had a soggy picnic eating our cakes and listening to ‘A Piece of Cake’, (Literacy). The story reminded us that we ought to do a bit more exercise, so we jogged across the park after a warm up, then did some different exercises before starting our walk back to St Hilda’s. Our teachers were very proud of us for being sensible and safe in town and for walking so well.

In the afternoon Freya and Willow continued the ‘cake’ theme by making chocolate chip cup cakes with Mrs Radgman, (Maths and PD). After which they had a great play in the vets role-play area, (EAD).

On Thursday morning Mrs Bishop read us the story ‘All in One Piece’, by Jill Murphy. In the story  Mrs Large tried to get ready for a glamorous night out, but sadly sat on a tin of poster paints. We learnt the names of the colours of the paints in French and then went outside on a colour hunt, ( Maths, Literacy, UW).

In our inside ChIL we used sand in trays with wooden sticks to try to form letters that are in our names, (PD and Literacy). Some of us managed to write our own names.

We also awarded some more ‘Golden Welly’ certificates. Well done on all your hard work.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read the story ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We talked all about the things that you might take on a picnic. Two girls said that they liked to take sandwiches, so we decided to make one, (Literacy and PD). We used a knife safely to spread butter onto bread, spread Marmite or honey and then cut the sandwich in half.

On Friday morning we played a colour game with Mrs Holdstock. We were very clever and remembered all the French words for colours that Mrs Bishop taught us on Thursday.

For our Outdoor Learning we wrapped up warm and went to explore the outside environment. To our surprise we found a colander, some welly boots, some biscuits, a teddy, a picnic blanket, a drink, some apples and a large cardboard box, how strange! Suddenly, we remembered the book ‘Whatever Next’ by this week’s favourite author Jill Murphy. We decided to act out the story and had such fun taking on roles and adding a narrative, (Literacy, EAD, PD).

In our Music lesson today we worked on rhythm. We also watched a little film about Elmo from Sesame Street and played maracas in time to the beat.

Next week our favourite author is Jez Alborough and we will be sharing the stories ‘Duck in a Truck’, ‘Some Dogs Do’ and ‘Where’s My Teddy’. Have fun weekends.

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