Form I News 18.01.19

18th January 19


We have started to feel a little chilly this week. Not just because of the weather here in England but also due to talking about both the Arctic and the Antarctic.

During Geography we looked at a map of the world and found where both Antarctica and the Arctic are. We also discovered that there is an imaginary line that goes around the middle of the World that is called the Equator. The Equator is close to the sun so the countries close to the Equator are hot. However both the Arctic and the Antarctic are far from the Equator so they are very cold.

In our English lessons we had our first go at a very grown up lesson called ‘Comprehension’. We had new red books to write in and a text book each. We read two poems in the book together and then had to answer questions about the poems. We tried really hard to write our answers in sentences starting with a capital letter and ending with a full stop.

We have also been exploring stories that have different patterns and rhymes and working with our friends to plan and act out the stories. We have had great fun remembering to add rhyming words to our plays. We particularly enjoyed becoming the different characters in the story ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’.

In Science we looked closely at a friend’s eye. We learnt that the black bit in the middle of your eye is called the pupil. It is actually a hole in the middle of your eye that lets the light in so we can see. We all had different coloured rings around our pupils. We had blue, green, grey, brown and hazel rings. This ring is called the Iris. The Iris is very clever as it is a muscle that makes the pupil get bigger and smaller. We also noticed our eyelashes, eyebrows and when we looked very carefully we could see our tear ducts – not tear ducks as some of us kept saying!

In Art we used the pastels to create some Arctic sunset pictures. We got very messy but produced some beautiful artwork.

Please could each girl bring one clear 2litre plastic bottle (ie.Lemonade or mineral water) to school next week. Please remove all labels before bringing the bottle to school. Thank you!

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