Reception Weekly News Jan 11th

11th January 19

Welcome back everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a brilliant New Year.

In Literacy, we were delighted to see lots of lovely photographs from our holidays. We couldn’t believe some of the fun things everyone had been up to. We took time to write a sentence about our favourite part of the holiday. We all tried so hard and our teachers were proud of our efforts. While we were writing, some of us were strengthening our fingers using Busy Finger activities, including moving marbles using spoons, straws and elastics on corks.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed talking about length. We worked with our talking partners to talk about what we mean by length. We came up with some great ideas, including measuring, long, short and comparing! We then compared the heights of ourselves with a friend and moved on to Fairy Tale characters. We cut them out and compared their heights, before placing them in height order.

In ChIL, we loved being outside in the winter sunshine. We used the little Mud Kitchen café and produced some tantalising treats! We took on the role of ‘Fairy Godmother’ and tried to help her solve lots of problems, including making a wall that would stand up to the wind! We used pretend cement to make it stronger.

On Tuesday, we had a bear themed Busy Fingers. We loved using chocolate playdough to make 3D bears.

In Literacy, we enjoyed learning the digraph ‘ou’. We worked in pairs to read and sort words to see if they were real or made up words. We also liked playing on the Jolly Phonics app on the ipads and using the Smartboard game to practise writing ‘ou’.

In Mathematics, we were delighted to be using the bears we had brought in from home. We managed to compare their lengths and ordered them from the shortest to the tallest. We then worked in pairs to think of things we could use to measure with. We decided to use cubes and enjoyed measuring our own bears. We even had a go at writing down how many bears long they were.

In the afternoon, we took time to really look at our bears. We chose which media we wanted to use and made really careful observational pictures. We can’t wait to see our bear pictures hanging up on the washing line soon!

On Wednesday in Literacy, we learnt a new digraph ‘oi’. We took time making our own bingo boards by reading words with ‘oi’ in them and matching pictures to the words.

In Mathematics, we worked in pairs to measure our teddy bears using links. We then went on to measure their arms and legs and putting our results into a table.

In the afternoon we turned into Scientists. We asked ‘Dear Fairy Godmother’ a question which was ‘How can the three bears cool their porridge without leaving it behind and going out for a walk?’ We came up with some brilliant ideas, including leaving it on the side to cool, putting ice cubes in it and resting it on an ice pack, putting it in the fridge, freezer, Mr Nick’s shed and in the Outdoor Classroom. We made our own porridge and took the temperature of it; 38 degrees. We then put it in the different areas and at the end of the day we took their temperature. We discovered that the porridge we had put the freezer was the coldest at 1 degree! We loved discovering something new and now know how to cool something down quickly!

On Thursday, we revised the digraphs, ‘ou’ and ‘oi’.  We had lots of fun sorting objects into two groups.  Items such as coins, soil, a round box and cloud were all sorted and then we had a go at writing labels for the items on our whiteboards.  Our phonic knowledge really helped us and we spelt out some quite tricky words!

In Maths, we had a problem.  Our bears needed to cross over a river but there was no bridge.  We had to measure and make a bridge using blocks.  Our bridge was too short to begin with so we lengthened it and made it stretch across both chairs.  We had fun walking our teddies across the bridge once it was built!

After lunch we had a class discussion about keeping warm, in particular how animals keep warm when they are in cold conditions.  We discussed migration, fur and feathers and blubber!  We then cut out and stuck some warm clothing onto a teddy bear.  Great fine motor skill practise!

We also did something very funny!  We got a soft toy monkey and sprayed him with water and then put him in the freezer to see what happened to him!  We made lots of predictions.

On Friday, we watched Form II share their work in assembly.  We then consolidated the individual sounds and digraphs we have learnt so far.

In Maths, we took part in a carousel of activities to consolidate our learning on length and measuring.  We measured our hands using paperclips and also had great fun measuring the carpet with our shoes!

We then took the monkey out of the freezer and he was frozen solid!  So chilly and hard to touch.  Our predictions were right!

After a lovely long PE session in the afternoon, we were all ready for a relaxing weekend.

See you all on Monday!

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