Nursery Weekly News 11th January 2019

11th January 19

Happy New Year and welcome back to Nursery.

This week we are beginning work on our new ‘Favourite Author’ topic, by sharing the books of Judith Kerr.

In Busy Fingers we cut out characters from the book ‘ The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We stuck our characters onto card and then cut around them again and then made them into puppets, (PD and Literacy).

Some of us tried to make pictures of the characters in the Mog stories using tap-a-shape, (PD and Literacy).

In our adult-led activity Mrs Radgman read us the story ‘Mog at the Vee Ee Tee’. When the story was finished we played a game buying items from our new Vets role-play area. We chose water bottles, food, bandages, food bowls, brushes, etc, found the price on them and then tried to count out the correct amount of pennies to pay for them. Our teachers were very impressed with our ability to match number and quantity, (Maths and UW).

We are continuing to work on our independence skills this half-term. Today all of us used jugs to pour our own water and milk, (PD and PSE).

We enjoyed some great ChIL indoor and outdoor playing with our friends and telling one another all about our Christmas fun, (CL, PSE and EAD).

In Tuesday’s Busy Fingers we worked on our scissor skills cutting out the tiger from ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We then cut stripy tissue paper to decorate our picture, (PD and EAD). Cutting is really tricky and we are going to do some special finger exercises to make our fingers and hands stronger for using scissors and tools.

In our adult-led activity we learnt our new sounds ‘c’ and ‘k’. We danced like Spanish dancers and used real castanets to make our ‘c’ sound. We then pretended we were flying kites and made our ‘k’ sound as they were blown by the wind. We then recapped all our previously learnt sounds playing ‘Phoneme Pop’ on the smart board. We took turns to listen for a sound and then tried to pop a balloon with the matching letter,(UW). It was great fun.

We had a lovely story in the library called ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. We didn’t know what the runcible spoon in the story was, so when we got back to Nursery we looked it up on Mrs Radgman’s computer, (UW and Literacy). We found out that it was a mixture of a spoon, fork and knife.

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we had a great session of ‘Sticky Kids’ action songs, (PD and CL). We really enjoyed all the exercise.

On Wednesday morning we worked on our finger strength getting ready for mark making and emergent writing, (PD and Literacy). We snipped play dough with scissors, punched holes in cardboard with a hole punch and used a drill to put screws into a base, (PD).

In our adult-led activity we thought about the reasons why a pet would go to the vets. Mrs Weir showed us how a vet might examine an animal using a stethoscope, (UW). We then  made prescriptions for pets by cutting out pictures of tablets, medicine, bandages and much more. We then used our emergent writing and phonic sound knowledge to write our prescription. We worked so hard and all put a marble in our jar.

In our Music lesson with Mrs Harte we worked very hard remembering some of the songs we had learnt last term.  We sang beautifully and played tambourines in time to the music and songs.  We are enjoying learning to keep a steady beat (EAD) and improving this skill each week.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read another story by Judith Kerr called ‘Mog the Forgetfull Cat’. We then drew our own Mogs and painted them for a new display, (EAD and Literacy.

On Thursday morning in our French lesson with Mrs Bishop we shared the story ‘Mog and the Baby’ by Judith Kerr. We learnt the French words for dog, cat, Mummy, Daddy and Baby. We then went outside to find ten dogs who were hiding from us. When we had them all we counted to ten in French to check they were all there, (Maths, UW, CL).

In ChIL we finished drawing and painting Mog the cat for our classroom display, EAD and PD).

We had a great session in our vets role play area, looking after the poorly animals, writing them prescriptions and giving them medication, (UW, PD and EAD).

On Friday morning we went to watch the Form II assembly all about Florence Nightingale. We listened beautifully and really enjoyed watching Form II all dressed up, (PSE and CL).

When we got back to Nursery we needed a bit of time to move around after sitting so quietly in assembly, so we danced to the ‘Dinosaur Stomp’ and the ‘Pizza’ song, (PD and EAD).

In our Outdoor Learning activity today we used scarves, hoops, balls and bikes to catch, kick and cycle. We are working really hard to make our bodies strong. After all our exercise we felt our hearts beating really fast, (PD).

After a great Music lesson with Mrs Harte it was time for home time after a great first week back in Nursery.

Enjoy your weekends we we look forward to working next week on the stories written by Jill Murphy.

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