Reception Weekly News Dec 7th

7th December 18

The countdown is on for Christmas Day!

On Monday in Busy Fingers, we used little buttons to follow the top of the Three Kings’ crowns. We also painted our hands with white paint and couldn’t wait to turn them into something special later on in the week.

In Literacy, we took the letters we had written to Father Christmas and posted them in our local post box. We noticed some numbers on the post box and realised that the post would be collected at 4pm that day. We hope they reach Father Christmas soon!

We noticed a cheeky elf hiding in our classroom and named her ‘Lily Elf’. She was hanging upside down from the blind! We can’t wait to try to spot her every day in the classroom. Some of us made our own versions of Lily Elf using split pins.

In the afternoon, we made pretty patterns with beads and turned them into candy canes for our Christmas trees.

We loved listening to one of our friends talking about a celebration she had been to and how she won a dancing competition at the party. We loved her dance moves!

We ended the day opening up the first three days of December on our joke advent calendar. We loved receiving a chocolate to take home and wishing each other a very Happy Christmas. Can you remember any of the jokes at home?

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we painted our lovely salt dough Christmas decorations and sprinkled them with glitter.

We took time to turn our white handprints into crazy snow men.

In Literacy, we learnt the digraph ‘er’. We filled crackers with ‘er’ words and designed our own Christmas jumpers.

We enjoyed listening to the Christmas story ‘The Christmas pagaent’ and finding out who is going to be which character from the Christmas story. We were all pleased with our roles and loved trying our costumes on. We can’t wait until we wear them again in Church and become the tableau in the Nativity story.

In ChIL, we discovered you can make a delicious smelling decorations called pomanders. We used cloves to follow a line around an orange. We couldn’t believe how lovely and Christmassey it smelt. We can’t wait to hang them around our houses!

In PE, we enjoyed practising our ball skills with Mrs Rushbrook.

On Wednesday in Busy Fingers, we enjoyed playing games with Mrs Renahan and also cutting out lovely warm winter clothes from shopping catalogues. We have been busy practising our number formation in the Maths Challenge. We copied the numbers on candy canes in coloured sand.

We loved icing our Christmas cakes using icing sugar and little snowflake decorations. They look so tasty!

In Mathematics, we have started making our own advent Christmas tree.

In ChIL, we enjoyed making our own Christmas tree using old wrapping paper. We had to cut different lengths of paper from short to long and turn our bare trunk into a beautiful tree. We can’t wait to see them hanging up on our Christmas trees at home soon. Some of us had time to make our own Christmas tree picture on the Smartboard afterwards.

On Thursday, we learned more about the Christmas Story.  We thought about how the different people would have felt.  How did Mary feel when she was told she was going to have a very special baby?  We thought she would be excited but also a little nervous!  We then made our own stable scene by using folded card as the stable and cutting out the different characters.  We then glittered a star to stick at the top of the stable and tried our hardest to write labels for each person.

In our ChIL session in the afternoon, we learnt about Christingle and had great fun making our own Christingle oranges!  We wrapped red ribbon around our orange, stuck a candle in the top and added cocktail sticks with sweets.

We also made come cheeky elves using pipe cleaners for legs and arms!  We stuck our own faces onto them and added a hat with a pom pom!  They look great dotted around the classroom!

On Friday, we had a whole school assembly and we won the Smartest Form Cup!  What a fabulous achievement!

We then spent the morning perfecting our cutting skills, by cutting out items to stick into a stocking.  We chose toys that we would love to find in our stockings!  We also pulled cotton wool balls apart to stick the fluff on the top of the stockings.

After playtime we made a model out of paper plates.  We made mangers for baby Jesus!  We had great fun painting the plates brown and then sticking real straw into the manger for baby Jesus to sleep in.

We had a lovely energetic PE lesson with Mrs Rushbrook after lunch, followed by celebrating one of our friends in Special Person Time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  See you next week for more Christmas fun!

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