Reception Weekly News Nov 30th

30th November 18

Christmas is coming! We are so excited to be starting our Christmas preparations in Reception this week.

On Monday in Busy Fingers, we painted half of a cylinder red but didn’t know what we would be using them for later on in the week! We also painted our hands green and made lots of lovely hand prints! We also took time to make Christmas peg board patterns

In Literacy, we wrote to Father Christmas to put a special request in for a present or two! We can’t wait to post them and see if we receive a reply!

In ChIL, we used the paint dabbers to create lovely Christmas pictures. We also tried hard to make lots of Christmas pictures using the tap a shape. We were delighted to discover the Christmas Nativity scene had arrived in the classroom and have enjoyed using the little characters from the Christmas story. We also took time to paint delicious candy canes to hang up in the classroom.

In the afternoon, we loved watching the big girls in their Christmas show. The Christmas story really came to life for us!

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we loved turning our green handprints into Christmas wreaths.

In Literacy, we learnt a new digraph ‘th’. We enjoyed using feathers to put into logs, painting with feathers and cutting lots of words with ‘th’ in them.

In Mathematics, we watched a number rhyme on the Smartboard and spent time with our talking partners trying to work out what the rhyme was showing us. We realised it was a take away rhyme or ‘subtraction’. We then had a go at working out our own take away problems.

In ChIL, we loved trying a new technique; printing through a holey collage material. We loved the snowy effect it made. We enjoyed making long paper chains to hang in the classroom and decorating our own little Christmas tree. We also loved working in the new Christmas Role Play Area.

We ended the day by hearing all about one of our friend’s lovely Birthday celebrations.

On Wednesday in Busy Fingers, we started designing our own Christmas jumpers using Purple Mash. We think they will look amazing on the walls. We turned our red cylinders into Santas by adding a face and beard! We continued to make the enormous paper chain!

In Literacy, we have been busy using our amazing phonic knowledge to write the inside of our Christmas cards.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening to another fun number subtraction  rhyme. We all had a go at writing out the number sentences each time a reindeer was taken away. We then decided to make some Christmas number sentences for the Nursery. We chose a number sentence and used stampers to print them. We then took some away, putting a cross through them.

In ChIL, we enjoyed making cone hats with Mrs Houten for our Father Christmases. We took time to turn our egg boxes into snowmen with Mrs Bishop.

We ended the day hearing about one of the girl’s Great Grandad’s 90th Birthday celebration in Amberley Castle. She gave us so many details including who had lived in the castle many years ago and a question and answer session at the end!

On Thursday we had a festive baking session!  The whole class helped to make some little Christmas cakes!  We all took it in turns to add the ingredients, such as cherries, mixed fruit, butter and brown sugar.  We all had a stir and made a Christmas wish!  We can’t wait to ice and decorate them next week.

In our ChIL session in the afternoon, we finished making our cylinder Father Christmases with Mrs Houten.  They look lovely all lined up in the classroom!  We then had some outdoor ChIL time and we enjoyed playing in the Wendy house, building structures with the foam blocks and scooting and pedalling!  We were all very tired afterwards and enjoyed some Christmas stories at the end of the day.

On Friday we learnt the digraph ‘qu’. We now know that ‘q’ is always followed by ‘u’.  We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books and painted some beautiful crowns fit for a Queen!

We then made some salt dough and formed it into Christmas decorations.  We used lots of 2d shape vocabulary whilst working on them.  Next week we will paint them and thread them onto ribbon ready for hanging.

What a busy week of festive fun!  See you all next week for more Christmas activities; our last full week at school before the Christmas holidays!

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