Nursery News 30th November 2018

30th November 18

This week we are continuing with our ‘Christmas’ topic work.

We began the day with lots of Busy Finger activities. We decorated our salt dough shapes with paint, glue and glitter, which will look beautiful on our trees at home, (EAD and PD). We also shared some favourite Christmas stories with Mrs Holdstock as we were quite tired after our busy weekends at the Christmas Bazaar and Harpenden ‘Lights Up’.

During the morning we also had the exciting task of decorating the school Christmas tree. Mrs Radgman put the lights on and then we all helped put on the baubles. Our teachers lifted us up high so we could reach the top. Willow put the star right on the very top. It looks amazing!

We also celebrated Mrs Weir’s birthday today. We enjoyed playing with pink balloons and eating some birthday chocolate buttons. ‘Happy Birthday’ Mrs Weir.

We were very busy on Tuesday morning wrapping boxes in our Christmas Workshop, (PD). Many of us decided who we would like to give our presents to and wrote their names on labels, (PD, PSE and Literacy).

We enjoyed another Jolly Phonics session today, learning the sound ‘p’. We all tried to make the sound by pretending to puff out a birthday candle, just like Mrs Weir did yesterday on her birthday cake. We also played a great game matching rhyming words. We found a bear and a pear, a train and a picture of rain and a tree and a key. Some of us managed to continue the rhyming strings with words such as chair, stair, pain and bee, (Literacy). Well done for some amazing rhyming work.

In the afternoon four girls stayed with Mrs Houten for the afternoon. We talked about the Christmas story and Mrs Houten was so impressed with our knowledge. We then made our own little stables and put in all the principle characters from the story, (Literacy and EAD).

Today we had a secret Christmas mission that involved our feet and some white paint! We can say no more or we’ll spoil the Mummies and Daddies Christmas surprise,(PSE)!

We celebrated two more ‘What’s Next’ achievements. Well done Willow and Tilly.

In our Music lesson with Mrs Harte we continued to explore the number of beats in different music and also in our names.

In the afternoon we talked all about the sequence of the days of the week and the months of the year and then we made another secret Christmas gift, (PD, Maths and PSE).

We started today with a mysterious invitation to attend assembly! When we arrived the big children were singing carols and we joined in with ‘Away in a Manger’, (PSE and EAD). After that Mr Sayers presented Thea with a big gold present for winning the ‘Decorate a Bauble’ competition. We were so proud of Thea. Well done!

Later in the morning we wrote letters to Father Christmas. We politely asked him for a gift that we would like for Christmas. We all wrote our names and some of us used our emerging phonic knowledge to write some initial sounds and words.

On Friday morning we were busy making fir cone glitter decorations and snowflakes, (EAD and PD).

We then started on a cooking activity which is yet another surprise for our lucky Mummies and Daddies, (PSE and PD). We used our strong arms to mix up a big mixture, filled with lots of festive ingredients. Just before we baked them we closed our eyes and made a Christmas wish whilst stirring our mixture. We hope they come true.

As we were so busy cooking we had a short outdoor session building up our gross motor skills. We used bikes and scooters on the tennis court, (PD). Every single member of the class can scoot and ride a bike. Well done Nursery!

We have another busy week in Nursery next week, starting with a walk to the post box on Monday morning to post our letters to Father Christmas. Enjoy a restful weekend.

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