Reception Weekly News Nov 23rd

23rd November 18

We had a lovely week in Reception!

On Monday, in Literacy we revisited the phoneme ‘y’. We decorated our own yo-yos, made little books about ‘y’ and worked hard in our Jolly Phonics workbooks.

In Mathematics, we are learning about positional language. We loved listening to ‘Where’s Spot?’ and then discovering that Spot had gone missing in the Outdoor Classroom. We went on a hunt and discovered lots of different animals hiding in different positions, including behind, in front, beside, under, on top, in between and next to.  Each time we found an animal, we ran back into the classroom to draw a map of their location; our first map making in Reception! We found Spot in the end – he was on top of the Bug Hotel! Phew! We loved watching a very old ‘Where’s Spot?’ on the Smartboard.

In Understanding the World, we loved working with our talking partners to share ideas about what are festivals. We thought of so many brilliant ideas.

We then found out about a new Jewish festival, Hanukkah. We heard all about why people celebrate Hanukkah and how after winning a battle, they lit a candlestick called a Menorah but only had enough oil for one day. It was a miracle that the lamp continued to burn for eight days.

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers we loved stretching elastic bands around munchkins.

In Phonics, we learnt the phoneme ‘x’. We enjoyed painting egg boxes, but we didn’t quite know that they will be using them for during the Christmas festivities! We took time to cut out words with x in them and stuck them in a box and we also enjoyed posting money into money boxes.

In Mathematics, we loved singing ‘Put your beanbag on your head’, moving the beanbag into different positions each time! We then enjoyed a positional language challenge putting different objects into different positions. We even managed to put a ball ‘through’ a hoop on the netball court!

We are enjoying the Maths Challenge this week; moving farm animals into different positions!

In Understanding the World, we have really enjoyed painting our divas with metallic paint. We also took time to make beautiful menorahs with wrapping paper and paper plates.

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers we loved dancing along to ‘Feel it still’ from Peter Rabbit! We then went outside for our Skipping Workshop.

In Literacy, we learnt the digraph ‘ch’. We loved icing and decorating our own chocolate cake for afternoon snack! We also took time to colour lots of ‘ch’ digraphs on our choo choo train.

On Thursday, we focused on the digraph ‘sh’.  We grouped different items into ‘ch’ and ‘sh’ groups.  We had Cheerios, chocolate, shoes and sheep to group, to name a few!  We then worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books and also had fun tracing over ‘sh’ in the Tuff Spot with water and paintbrushes, playing initial sound bingo and practising our letter formation on whiteboards.

In Maths, we had fun giving instructions to our friends, using positional language.  We had to position different colour shapes on the table according to our friend’s instructions, eg, ‘put the yellow ahpe under the blue shape’.

In ChIL, we made some Star or David’s out of lolly sticks, in keeping with our topic of Hannukah.  We enjoyed sticking our lolly sticks into two triangles and placing them on top of each other.  We then decorated them with buttons.

On Friday, we revised all of the sounds we have learned this week by completing a carousel of activities, including letter puzzles and sharing books with our friends and looking for certain digraphs.

In Maths, we used positional language to describe where a fox was hiding!  We are very good at using relevant vocabulary when describing position now!

After a lovely long PE session in the afternoon, we had some quiet stories and show and tell.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!  See you next week when we will start focusing on Christmas!

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