Reception Weekly News Nov 16th

16th November 18

We have enjoyed another fun week in Reception.

On Monday, we started the week by focusing on Remembrance Day. We talked about why we wear poppies and what they stand for.  We really enjoyed watching the ‘Lest we forget’ theatre show in the hall with the big girls. We really learnt a lot about World War 1.

We then painted our hands using red paint and turned them into a beautiful poppy wreath. Some of us cut out parts of a poppy and made our own red poppy. We were really sensible at the end of the day and joined in with the whole school active Remembrance Day service on the playground.

In Mathematics, we loved singing ’10 grey elephants’ as we paraded around the room holding imaginary trunks. We added one more elephant on each time, until the string broke and we all came tumbling down! We learnt how to write number sentences, for example 4 + 1 = 5. Our Maths Challenge this week is all about addition. We had to roll the dice and put that many spots on one wing of the ladybird and then roll it again and put that many spots on the other wing. We then had to add up the total amount of spots and put the answer on the back of the ladybird. Fun!

On Tuesday, we learnt the digraph ‘ng’. We made crowns fit for Kings, beautiful rings with ‘ng’ words and a special jewel and also worked hard in our Jolly Phonics workbooks.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed singing ’10 wonky bicycles’ pretending to ride our bikes, adding on one each time, before we broke down on the carpet! We are even starting to write our own number sentences now on the Smartboard! We went on to use bead strings, working out addition number problems.

In Understanding the World, Mrs Weir and Mrs Houten brought Diwali to life for us! We watched a smartboard story about a little boy celebrating Diwali and the story behind the festival ‘Rama and Sita’. We acted the story out and loved finding about how Rama managed to beat Ravana in a battle and how people lit the way back home using little Diva lamps. We couldn’t wait to make our own lamps!

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers we started the day with a dance using Go Noodle. We then enjoyed some autumn sunshine and practised our skipping skills during our skipping workshop.

In Literacy, we revisited the sound ‘v’. We designed our own ice-cream van and used tweezers to find the v sound and put them in our vans!

In Mathematics, we loved singing ‘One man went to mow’. We then had a go at writing the number sentences ourselves using individual whiteboards. We all made great attempts at this!

In Computing, we found out about Bug Club. We enjoyed looking at a book and seeing how it will work at home. We can’t wait to see which books we have been given at home.

In Understanding the World, we enjoyed learning more about Diwali. We listened to Indian music all afternoon while we made clay divas, rangoli patterns using dry pasta, designed our own divas on the Smartboard and painted with different spices.  We even ate poppadums at snack time! What a fun afternoon!

On Thursday, we learnt a new sound, ‘oo’ as in ‘book’ and ‘look’.  We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics workbooks and are really starting to get the hang of starting our ‘o’ in the correct place.  We also had fun drawing around our ‘foot’ and practising our cutting skills by cutting the outline out.  Some of us made our footprints look very colourful!  We also had fun looking through Mrs Kendall’s ‘cook books’ and made our own cook books by drawing a picture of our favourite meal and labelling it.  Some of us sat with a whiteboard and pen in the book corner and tried to spot ‘oo’ words in the books and copy them onto our boards.

In Maths, we continued to work on some basic addition.  We sat on the carpet with whiteboards and used counting bears to make number sentences.  We are getting very good at writing sums now!

In the afternoon we listened to a lovely Show and Tell all about celebrations.  We all sat beautifully and showed each other how to be a super audience.  In ChIL we made grey handprints ready to be turned into elephants, to tie into our Diwali work.  We turned our handprints upside down and they really looked like elephants!  4 legs and a trunk!  We then used shiny paper and tissue paper to decorate our elephants to looks like they were in a Diwali parade.

On Friday, we took part in a Magic Maths workshop.  It was great fun!  We were amazed at some of the tricks!

We then moved on to learn the long ‘oo’ sound as in ‘moon and ‘zoom’.  We completed a sheet where we had to sound out the names of the pictures and have a go at writing labels for them.  We found a hoop, a moon, a roof and an owl saying ‘twit twoo!’

We had a lovely long PE session in the afternoon and some quiet reading time.  We’ve had a very busy week!

We hope you have a great weekend, see you all on Monday.

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