Nursery Weekly News 16th November 2018

16th November 18

This week our topic focus is ‘Autumn’.

In Busy Fingers we began our day by painting different types of leaves with bright colours. We then pressed the painted leaves onto paper and found that they left some amazing prints, (EAD and UW).

Today we had the second of our Jolly Phonics lessons. We learnt our new sound ‘a’. We also revisited the ‘s’ sound that we learnt last week, whilst looking in little mirrors to see how to shape our mouths. We then played a funny rhyming game. We sang a song called ‘Silly Soup’ and stirred a really big saucepan with an enormous spoon. Each time we stirred we pulled out an object. We had a frog, stone, cat, hen, dog and many more. We realised that some of the items rhymed and we put them into groups, (Literacy).

In inside ChIL we made little hedgehog cakes using icing, a red cherry nose and chocolate buttons for spikes, (PD and UW). They look yummy!

In the afternoon with Mrs Houten we played some great board games before going off to see Mrs Harte for a Music lesson.

Hooray, Tuesday had arrived and we were off to the park for our very first outing, looking for signs of autumn. We walked to the park stopping to pick up some super coloured leaves and spotting sounds and letters on the road signs, (PD, UW and Literacy).

When we got to the park we found some acorns and leaves from many different trees, of all shapes and colours.

We played football, enjoyed a snack and then acted out a story called ‘Doing the Animal Bop’.

We then filled the parachute with lots of leaves and popped Peter Rabbit in the middle. We used our strong arms to try to flip all the leaves and Peter out of the parachute, as we sang lots of songs, (EAD and PD). Peter got so dirty that he had to go home with Mrs Radgman for a bath!

We completed our visit with some tree climbing. Phew, we were very tired as we slowly walked back to school, but we’d had a great time and learnt a lot about autumn.

On Wednesday morning we decided that it would be a good idea to make something with all the beautiful leaves that we collected at the park yesterday. We looked at the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy on the smart board, and talked about the beautiful creations he makes using natural resources, (UW and CL). We knew that we would be able to make some amazing art too so we went outside, sorted the leaves by shape and colour, and made a fantastic circular leaf sculpture, (Maths and EAD).

In our Music lesson we explored slowly and quickly, using our bodies and instruments to make slow or quick movements to music.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we used scissors to cut out autumn leaves and decorate them with different textured fabric to add to our new autumn display, (EAD and PD).

In Busy Fingers on Thursday morning we were artists again. We painted sticks that had tape on them, with bright colours. When the paint was dry we pulled the sticky tape off and we had fantastic stripey patterns, (EAD).

In French today we focused on numbers. We acted out ‘Ten in a Bed’, learning the French word for each number.

We had a great singing session with Mrs Weir, using instruments to add percussion to ‘The Wheels on the Bus’. Our teachers were very pleased with the way we only played our instrument when we heard the noise our instrument represented, (EAD and PSE).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we made blackberry muffins. We talked about autumn, the season when blackberries grow and then used scales and utensils to weigh and mix our muffins, (Maths, UW, and PD).

On Friday it was our special day raising money for ‘Children in Need’. We talked about how some children might not be as lucky as us or might be poorly and we all thought that it would be a good thing to help them, (PSE and CL). We had a great day colouring and painting Pudsey pictures, listening to the Children in Need special song, decorating cup cakes with Pudsey bears and dancing to teddy bear action songs.

At snack time we treated our teddies to a special teddy bear picnic and a teddy story. We had a fantastic day and it was good to think about other people and raise money to help them. Thank you so much.

We look forward to seeing everyone after the weekend when we start our ‘Christmas’ topic work.

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