Reception Weekly News Nov 9th

9th November 18

Welcome back everyone! We have loved hearing about your amazing adventures over the holiday via the Tapestry app!

We took time to welcome our new friend to the class, Isabella. We started the day with a short assembly telling us about why we celebrate Guy Fawkes Night.

On Monday, in Phonics we enjoyed learning a new digraph ‘ee’. We worked really hard in our Jolly Phonics books, painted buzzy bees and traced bees.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed exploring 3D shapes. We looked at lots of the shapes, naming them and talking about their faces. We went on a 3D shape hunt around the Outdoor Classroom and found lots of cylinders, cubes, spheres and cones. We came back and made some brilliant 3D construction models using wooden bricks. We worked really well in small groups. Great team effort everyone!

In the afternoon, we watched an amazing firework display on the Smartboard. We then used a very strange tool to make our own fireworks; a salad spinner! We dropped paint onto our paper in the salad spinner, turned the handle and couldn’t believe our eyes when the most beautiful firework appeared! We can’t wait to see them on the wall soon.

Mrs Houten has been busy asking lots of us what we want to be when we grow up and taking photographs of us thinking about our answer! What do you want to be when you are older?

On Tuesday, we had a very Busy Painting Busy Fingers! Some of us used rollers to make a night sky for the fireworks and some of us painted cylinders to make firework rockets.

In the Maths Challenge, we had to make a model using 3D bricks and try to draw it. We then had to try to name some of the shapes. Lots of us have had a go at it so far!

In Phonics, we enjoyed learning the ‘or’ sound. We made our own torches, matched ‘or’ words to a fairy door and worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books.

In Mathematics, we loved learning a new sound about 3D shapes and playing a matching shape game.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed playing team games in PE with Mrs Rushbrook.

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers we added cones to our cylinder fireworks. We worked hard in Phonics revisiting lots of tricky digraphs, including ie, oa, ee and or.

In ChIL, we took time to write lots of interesting descriptive words to add to our firework display.

On Thursday, in Jolly Phonics, we focused on the sound ‘z’.  We really impressed our teachers with how neatly we could form the letter ‘z’ in our work books.  We also practised doing up our zips, saying the zzzz sound as we zipped up!  We also made collages of rainbow zebras!

After playtime we visited the Travelling Book Fair.  We really enjoyed being independent and choosing our own books to buy.

In ChIL, we used straws to create firework pictures.  We bundled together six straws with an elastic band and then pressed the bendy ends of the straws into brightly coloured paint.  We then pressed them onto black paper.  It looked great and was such fun!

On Friday, we focused on ‘w’ in Jolly Phonics.  We drew still life pictures of watermelons, cut out and stuck ‘w’ words onto an A£ sheet and labelled the pictures and also had fun fishing for magnetic ‘w’s in the water tray.

In Maths we carried out a variety of 3d shape based activities, such as printing with 3d shapes, digging for 3d shapes in the sand pit and using magnetic 2d shapes to make 3d shapes.  We have really enjoyed learning some quite tricky names of 3d shapes!

Friday afternoon saw us PE with Mrs Kendall.  We were all very tired afterwards!  We then took part in Special Person Day and had some quiet story time to end the week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, see you on Monday.

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