Nursery Weekly News 9th November 2018

9th November 18

Pop, Bang, Whizz! This week our topic is ‘Fireworks’.

We started a very messy morning exploring shaving foam. We felt and described the texture and made patterns and marks in it. Some of us even managed to write our names, (EAD, PD and Literacy).

We coloured in firework pictures and tried to write our names on them and some of us even managed to write ‘pop’ on our work using our emergent writing skills, (EAD and Literacy).

In our adult-led activity we talked all about fireworks. We watched the New Year fireworks in London on the smart board, looking carefully at the colours and patterns. We then put on puddle suits and wellies and went outside to make our own firework pictures by flicking paint onto black paper, (EAD and PD). It was very messy but great fun and we produced some amazing background pictures for our new classroom display.

In ChIL we played with our new role-play area, ‘The Builders Yard’.

Tuesday was full of great excitement as we celebrated Willow’s 4th birthday. Willow proudly moved her photo up to the number four cake as we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’.

We continued work on our new display making cardboard tube rockets covered in bright colours and glitter, (EAD).

We also had our first Jolly Phonics session learning our first sound ‘s’. We listened to the story and spotted all the characters and objects who had a ‘s’ as their initial sound. We then sang the song and learnt the action of the snake. After that we played ‘pass the bag’ pulling out objects that began with our ‘s’ sound. We found a swan, snake, sausage, scissors, strawberry and a smelly sock, (Literacy).

Tilly and Zoë shared their holiday postcards with us. We loved hearing about their adventures in Dorset and the Isle of Wight.

We ended our morning session with a lovely story in the library with our favourite cuddly toys.

In our ‘Firework’ topic today we coloured, collaged and glittered bonfire pictures, which look fabulous, (EAD).

In our adult-led activity we talked about different types of fireworks and keeping safe when watching fireworks, (PSE, UW and CL). We then watched a display of catherine wheels on the smart board and decided to make some for our display. We used circles of card, marbles, paint and glitter to make catherine wheels, (EAD and PD).

Lots of us were very tired today so we had lots of stories and cuddles inside with Mrs Radgman and outside with Mrs Weir, (PSE and Literacy). After that we all felt much better.

We had a great Music lesson with Mrs Harte where we sang lots of different songs about the weather and used our bodies and instruments to make the sounds for different weathers. We stomped to make ‘splish, splash’ sounds, ran around on tip toes for the ‘pitter patter’ of rain and used instruments to make the ‘drip drop’ noise.

Thea shared her holiday adventures with us when a postcard arrived all the way from sunny Dubai, (PSE and CL).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we used another painting technique to make firework pictures. We blew through straws to make runny paint splatter across black card, (EAD and PD). They look amazing!

In Thursday’s adult-led activity we explored more painting techniques to make lovely firework pictures. We used cotton buds and feathered cardboard rolls to make the patterns of fireworks exploding in the sky, (EAD and PD).

We had a great singing session with Mrs Weir, using our hands to clap rhythms and acting out some favourite ring songs, (EAD).

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we iced biscuits and decorated them with sprinkles to look like pretty coloured fireworks, (PD).

We had a great ‘Outdoor Learning’ session today. We searched the school’s outside areas looking for fireworks. Each time we found one we matched it to the correct wooden numeral and then did the correct number of hops, jumps, star jumps, spins and squats to correspond with our rockets. When we had found seven rockets, Peter taught us a fabulous new firework song which we sang and acted out. After that we went into the outside classroom where we shared some lovely firework poems by Shirley Hughes. We worked really hard and our teachers are really proud of us, (Maths, PD, EAD, Literacy).

We enjoyed a lovely ChIL using our new Builders Yard. We are really enjoying role-play with our friends, (PSE).

We look forward to our first outing next week when we take a walk to Rothamsted Park to look for signs of autumn. Have lovely weekends.

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