Reception Weekly News Oct 19th

19th October 18

What a brilliant week we have had in Reception.

On Monday, we enjoyed revising the sound ‘j’. We tried hard to use tweezers to put jewels onto the letter j. We used our busy fingers to scrunch tissue paper onto our jam pots and decorated our jeeps using our ‘frog on a log’ pencil grip. We even made jellies at the end of our Phonics sessions, cutting up cubes of jelly and dissolving it in boiling water. We added satsuma segments and hoped it would set in the fridge!

In Mathematics, we found out that we were going to be focusing on forming numbers correctly. We worked on lots of different activities, including using watching number formation songs on the smartboard, using whiteboards, using our magic water, making playdough numbers, paint dabbers and moving cars on road numbers!

In ChIL, we used our sight sense to discover lots of different autumnal objects through binoculars on the smartboard. We loved finding out a new way to use autumn leaves, by painting them and turning them into ghosts! We enjoyed painting them with Mrs Houten.

We also loved listening to classical music and working on little pumpkin mindfulness pictures. We found it was really calming!

On Tuesday in Literacy, we learnt a tricky digraph ‘oa’. We heard about the oak tree which had fallen on a goat! We went on to make oak wreaths with real oak leaves. We took time to trace boats really carefully and even tested out lots of different objects in the water tray to see if they ‘float’ or sink! We got very wet!

Snack time was jjjjjjjj jelly time! We loved discovering the jellies had set and enjoyed eating them for our snack. Delicious!

In Mathematics, we continued to practise our number formation. We used sand trays to write numerals and even worked on some simple addition using the Numicon.

In ChIL, we enjoyed using our touch sense to make a feely collage using natural resources. We used lots of lovely descriptive words to talk about the different textures, for example shiny, scrunchy, hard, soft, bumpy and smooth.

We loved adding faces to our ghost leaves. They look really spooky!

On Wednesday in Literacy, we focused on the tricky digraph ‘oa’ again. We impressed our teachers so much by writing ‘oa’ words independently. We also enjoyed making some spooky words with magnetic letters and having a go at writing them.

In Mathematics, we watched the Numberblocks singing a song about number formation on the smartboard. We then played a game called ‘Roll and Write’. We had to roll a dice, count the spots and write the numerals.

In French, we learnt how to count and loved playing a French counting game on the smartboard.

In ChIL, we listened to a story about what we want to be when we grow up. We then had a think about what we wanted to be and what we think we will have to do! We learnt that our friends want jobs including Doctors, Fire Fighters, Hairdressers and Women’s Right Activists!

We ended the day with a Glow in the Dark story called ‘Shark in the dark’ inspired by Sofia’s home-made telescope!

On Thursday morning we had a Stay and Play session.  We really enjoyed welcoming some of our parents into our classroom.  We loved sharing new stories together, hole punching ghosts with the correct number of holes and doing jigsaws.  We also played a rhyming game and kept our fingers dextrous by linking chains together!

On Thursday, we learned a new digraph, ‘ie’.  We were saluting like sailors, ‘ie, ie!’  We worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books and also had fun making pies with playdough, and labelling them using our phonic knowledge.  We also decorated ties for our Daddy’s and had a go and filling in the missing sounds on sheets on clipboards.

In Maths we used playdough to form our numbers.  Some of us made 2 digit numbers and could say what they were!

In the afternoon, we had our class treat because we had filled our bead jar!  We put a bead in the jar when our teachers think we have worked really hard, used our manners and been kind to our friends.  Our treat was to watch a Halloween Curious George DVD!  It was a lovely, peaceful afternoon and we were all grateful for the rest!  We are tired bunnies, looking forward to a half term break!

On Friday we revised all of the sounds we have covered this half term.  So many!  We practised formation, reading the sound and saying the sound with the action.

In Maths we worked around a carousel of activities to consolidate what we have covered this half term.  We completed some colour by number sheets, puzzles, formation of numbers of whiteboards and we threw some beanbags at some targets and performed that number of star jumps and hops etc.

Friday afternoon was busy with an hour of PE with Mrs Rushbrook (we are getting much quicker at changing into and out of our PE kits!) and some circle time.

We hope you all have a wonderful half term break.  We look forward to hearing about your adventures.  Have a good rest too, you have all worked really hard since you started school in September, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

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