Nursery Weekly News 19th October 2018

19th October 18

This week our theme is ‘Numbers’.

In our adult-led activity we sang lots of songs with numbers in them, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Five Currant buns, Zoom, Zoom, Zoom and lots more. We tried really hard to use our fingers to count and subtract and we were really clever matching wooden numerals to the number of frogs, monkeys or buns left in the song. We also did some exercise matching the correct number of star jumps, hops, and spins to the number in the song, (Maths and EAD).

In ChIL we did some amazing painting and constructed loads of amazing models, (EAD).

We completed our morning with a fantastic music and movement session with Mrs Weir.

On Tuesday in our Jolly Phonics session we played a listening game. We each had a picture board and some counters. We had to listen very quietly to the sounds on a CD and if the sound matched our picture we could add a counter. As we played we counted how many counters we had placed on and how many pictures we had left to match, (CL and Maths). We had such fun.

We celebrated two more friends being awarded their Golden Welly certificates for achieving their ‘What’s Next’ Steps, (PSE).

We ended our Tuesday morning session having Peter Rabbit’s news in the Library, sharing a story and congratulating Thea on her swimming certificate. What a busy day!

On Wednesday morning we worked on our new ‘Scissor Challenge’. We are all trying to learn the correct hold using scissors. We tried to cut out teddy bears and then stick them into a bed. We tried to count them and then find the numeral that matched, (PD and Maths).

In our adult-led activity we worked in two groups trying to match the numeral to the number of spots on a dice. We threw the dice, counted the spots and then found the correct wooden numeral. Lastly we did the same number of jumps, hops, star jumps, spins, crazy dances, as the number we had thrown, (Maths and PD). We did amazingly well. Some of us even managed to count all the spots on two dice!

We also celebrated more of our friends achieving their ‘What’s Next’ steps. Our teachers are so proud of us.

In Music we worked on our big body movements dancing to different music. We also went on a dance around the ‘Mulberry Bush’ and finally ended up as dancing frogs, (EAD).

In the afternoon session we made clay numbers with Mrs Radgman. We enjoyed exploring the texture of the clay, rolling it out and decorating it with beads and buttons.

Thursday morning was so exciting. Our Mummies and Daddies came for a stay and play with us. They enjoyed trying all our Busy Finger activities and then shared stories with us before they had to leave. Thank you so much for coming.

After our stay and play session we had a quick French lesson with Madame Bishop and then we dashed outside for our Outdoor Learning. Peter rabbit had spotted a number of clues on the field from a well-known book. We found two pears, an apple, five oranges, a sausage and some plums. We suddenly realised that it must be ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, by Eric Carle. Mrs Radgman read us the story and we matched wooden numbers to the items we had found. We then acted out being a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, (Literacy, PD and Maths).

We also celebrated another of our friends achieving their ‘What’s Next’ Step. Well done Nursery you have worked so hard this half-term.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman and Mrs Matthews we made cakes. We weighed and mixed the ingredients and made some lovely vanilla sponge cakes, (Maths, PD and EAD).

Hooray!! Friday arrived and it was time for our Marble Jar Treat. We all looked fabulous in our dressing up costumes. We iced a biscuit and put a star in the middle as we have been superstars this half-term and our teachers are very proud of us, (PSE and PD).

We then played some great party games, including musical statues and pass the parcel. We all won some sweets in the pass the parcel, yum, yum! We went outside in the autumn sunshine for a run around and then had a special party snack.

We ended the session watching ‘PJ Mask’ and finally had our Music lesson with Mrs Harte.

We wish you all a fabulous half-term and look forward to seeing you in November for another fun packed half-term.

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