Form I news 19th October

19th October 18

WOW!  Have we really been in Form I for a whole half term?

We have continued to talk about the vowel family and been practising saying both their sounds and their names. We also discovered that the letter ‘e’ sometimes has magical powers. The magic from the ‘e’ hops over the consonant and changes the short vowel sound into a long one. All the grown-ups think this is really tricky but we had no problems and could spot magic ‘e’ in so many words! Here are a few of them – game, eve, joke, side, hive and our favourite Steve!

In English we have been writing our own stories. These epic tales took us three days to complete. We wrote a different section each day. On Monday we introduced the main character, described this character and set the scene. Tuesday was the dramatic day where the plot thickened and we aimed to leave the reader on a cliff hanger…….. Da……da……..daaaaaaa! Would Chloe’s Teddy bear become unstuck? What would happen to the boy who went too close to the lion in Caitlyn’s story? Luckily on Wednesday we all finished our stories and we were able to say ‘Phew’ as the adventures were brought to a close.

During Maths we have been looking at money. We discovered that all our coins have a picture of the Queen’s head on one side and on the other we found different pictures. Some of the coins had a number on them but not all of them. So we have been trying to identify the value of different coins by looking at their size, shape and colour. We did some coin rubbings which we all thought was magical and we have been finding ways to make different amounts using different coins.

In Humanities we have been looking at playground games from the past to the present day. We discovered that we still play many of the same games such as skipping and hoops but we are lucky and buy brightly coloured toys from a shop. In the past children used hoops from beer barrels and old bits of rope for skipping.

We had a great time trying to race like a long distance runner. I wonder if you can guess who we were emulating?!

Have a super half term everyone!

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