Reception Weekly News Oct 12th

12th October 18

We have been busy again this week in Reception.

On Monday, in Phonics we revised the sound ‘l’ and worked hard in our Jolly Phonics books. We loved making handprint manes for our lions and carefully designed our own lolly pops. We even made real lime lollies using lolly moulds. We put them into the freezer and couldn’t wait to try them once they were frozen.

In Mathematics we discovered we are focusing on Maths vocabulary. We were excited about playing lots of Maths games throughout the week. We watched ’10 in the bed’ on the smartboard and then searched for babies in the Outdoor Classroom to act out our own rhyme. We thought of so many different Maths words as we were singing the rhyme, including ‘how many’, ‘more’, ‘less’, ‘take away’ and even learnt a few more grown up words, such as ‘total’ and ‘subtract!’ We then enjoyed playing the ’10 in the bed’ board game, scoring it each time we had a turn. We also played a key game where we had to roll the dice and take that many keys on our keyring, adding up the total amount at the end. We also enjoyed using the number rhyme puppets and playing ‘Build a fish’ in our Maths Challenge.

In our ChIL time, we enjoyed using our hearing sense and played Sound Lotto in small groups. We were all very good at tuning into different noises.

We also enjoyed working in the Outdoor Classroom, making fairy homes and even wrote notes for the fairies. We hope that they write back to us!

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers we loved exploring rosemary. We used scissors to snip it into tiny pieces. The scent filled the room!

In Phonics, we revised all of the sounds we have learnt so far. We learnt a new sound ‘f’ and enjoyed cutting out frogs and putting them onto logs! We tried to tried ‘frog’ using our phonic knowledge. We loved listening to the story ‘Oi frog!’ We also worked hard to join rhyming sentences together, for example ‘A frog on a log’.

At playtime we loved discovering that the lime lollies had frozen. We enjoyed eating them in the sunshine with our friends. They were delicious!

In Mathematics, we continued to focus on Mathematical vocabulary. We enjoyed watching ’10 fat sausages’ on the Smartboard and then went outside to search for sausages on the playground. We acted out the rhyme with our friends. We then came back inside and played the Ladybird game and Spotty dog game.

In ChIL, we used our taste sense and taste tested lots of different foods, including passion fruit, lemon and pickled onions. We used lots of lovely descriptive words, including juicy, sour, sweet and crunchy!

On Wednesday, we revised ‘b’ in our Phonics session. We enjoyed rolling balls in trays on balloons to make nice marks. We tried hard to cut and stick ‘b’ objects on blue balloons.

In Mathematics, we loved listening to ’10 green bottles’ on the Smartboard. We went out into the Outdoor Classroom and found 10 green bottles around the garden! We put them on the wall and enjoyed singing the number rhyme. We loved playing 10 green bottles and Incy Wincy Spider board games. We also enjoyed exploring the Numicon which were wrapped in foil. We had to try to work out which number Numicon each one was.

In the afternoon we loved going on the coach to Letchworth Theatre. We thought the ‘Dear Zoo’ show was amazing; one the of best shows we have seen together! Thank you to Miss Smith, Mrs Houten and Miss Laura for helping us.

On Thursday we learnt our first digraph in Phonics!  A digraph is one sound made with two letters, in this case, it was ‘ai’ as in ‘rain’ that we were learning.  We coped really well with learning this tricky sound and came up with lots of words that contained ‘ai’.  We completed the page in our Jolly Phonics book, carefully putting the a and the i together.  We also made snails using scrunched up tissue paper, used cotton wool to create rain clouds and had great fun with the train set on the carpet!

In Maths we explored some number and pattern games on the CBeebies website and enjoyed making repeating patterns with the Numberblocks and counting with the Cbeebies bugs!

In our ChIL session on Thursday afternoon we were busy making stained glass windows, linked to our work on the senses (sight) and also decorated some very funky glasses!

It was Mad Hair Day on Friday, in support of Rennie Grove Hospice.  We all had very funny hair styles!

On Friday we revised all of the sounds we have covered so far.

We then watched some of the Royal Wedding and had fun waving our Union Jack flags!  Princess Eugenie looked so beautiful in her emerald tiara!

In Maths we took part in a carousel of maths games, including Flounders and a space related version of Snakes and Ladders.  We are super at taking turns and congratulating the winner!

We had a lovely hour of PE with Mrs Rushbrook after lunch and then celebrated Special Person Day, as we do every Friday.  What a busy week!

We hope everyone has a lovely weekend, see you on Monday for the last week before a well earned half term break!

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