Reception Weekly News Oct 5th

5th October 18

What a fun week we have had in Reception!

On Monday in Literacy, we enjoyed focusing on the phoneme ‘m’. We took time to use our magic water to make the ‘m’ disappear. We enjoyed making medals with collage and drawing our Mums and trying to label them using our phonic knowledge. We are trying so hard to learn and blend our sounds and always try our hardest when working in our Jolly Phonics books.

In Mathematics, we talked about the mathematical word ‘more’. We all understand that it means having a bigger amount, especially when we’re thinking about chocolate buttons! We enjoyed working outside aiming beanbags at a number and comparing it to our friend’s number and trying to work out which number is more or bigger than the other one. We loved working on the feather challenge afterwards. We had one minute to put feathers in the logs and compared the amount we had with our friend. We then worked out who had ‘more’!

In ChIL, we talked about how we can explore the world and how we use all five senses, including our sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. We couldn’t wait to use our touch sense to make a feely collage for our little siblings.

In Literacy on Tuesday, we learnt our new sound ‘d’. We practised writing them on the Smartboard, starting in the middle! We enjoyed making dog collages and colourful ties for our Dads.

Tuesday was Pet Day. Biscuit and Cuddles were feeling a little frisky and spent time hiding under the hay and running around our circle. They even tried to hide underneath Miss Smith’s dress.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing ‘Pinned on me’. We chose and wrote a number and pinned it on our back. We then tried to work out which one was ‘more’ than the other number. We laughed a lot when two girls had the same number!

In Maths ChIL, we enjoyed making number lines and matching little people to each number, trying to work out ‘one more’ number problems and practised writing numerals.

In ChIL, we loved exploring the feely shell collection in our Investigation Area. Lottie brought in some beautiful and bumpy sea urchins from home. We have been using our touch sense to feel all of the different shells, including spiny starfish and hard razor shells.

On Wedesday in Literacy, we focused on our new phoneme ‘g’. We tried hard to form g’s correctly using paint dabbers and scrunched up paper to ‘gurgle’ down the drain with a ‘g g g g g!’

In our Skipping Workshop we used real skipping ropes for the first time! We learnt how to hold our skipping ropes correctly and at the right length for each of us. We took our ropes for a walk like a dog to practise our hold! We then had a go at jumping over the ropes and then tried to throw the ropes over our heads and add in the jump! We really impressed our teachers and can’t wait to continue our Skipping Workshop next week.

In ChIL, we focused on our hearing sense. We added lots of lovely instrumental noises to the story of ‘Peace at last’. Poor old Daddy Bear didn’t get much sleep that night at all!

On Thursday we focused on the phoneme ‘o’.  We spotted lots of ‘o’ words in our Jolly Phonics song and listened to a story that also contained a lot of ‘o’ words.  We then tried to do our neatest handwriting in our Jolly Phonics books and also had fun using oranges to print with and making octopuses with playdough.  Some of our octopuses looked very funny with 10 legs!

In Maths we started looking at the concept of ‘less’ and completed a colouring activity where we had to find the group that had ‘less’ objects in.  We worked hard to count the items.

In the afternoon we looked at the sense of smell.  We had 6 bottles that all contained different smells.  We had to sniff each one and guess what the smell was!  Some were a lot nicer than others.  A favourite was the cocoa powder, but the vinegar didn’t go down too well!

On Friday we learned the phoneme ’u’.  We had great fun using watercolours to paint umbrellas and we also used board markers to write lots of the letter ‘u’ on balloons.  We then released the balloons, up, up into the air!

In Maths we continued looking at ‘less’, but this time, specifically one less.  We completed a range of activities that allowed us to practise taking one less.  Some of us progressed onto taking 2, 3 or 4 less.  We used sorting bears and pasta shapes to show we understood the concept.

In the afternoon we had a special Poetry Day assembly with the whole school!

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.  See you on Monday!

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