Reception Weekly News Sept 28th

28th September 18

Welcome to another busy week in Reception!

On Monday in Literacy, we enjoyed focusing on the sound ‘e’. We discovered how to write ‘e’ correctly. We used scarves to practise our letter formation! We painted beautiful watercolours of Elmer the elephant, found lots of ‘e’ letters and put them in egg boxes and tried hard to write ‘e’ on large paper on the floor.

In Mathematics, we took time to look at 2d shapes. We tried hard to remember their names and talked about their properties, including how many sides and pointy corners they have. We then met a famous artist, Andy Goldsworthy, who made beautiful shape art work using natural materials. We had a go making our own artwork in the Outdoor Classroom and told each other which shapes we had made. Can you work out which shapes we used?

In ChIL, we talked about our mouths and teeth. We know we use our teeth to bite and chew food. We talked about how we need to keep our teeth clean and what exciting things will happen to our milk teeth quite soon! We decided to make a pot for the Tooth Fairy to use when she comes and exchanges our teeth for coins! We painted our little pots with bright paint and glitter.

In Literacy, we learnt about the sound ‘h’. We went on a ‘h hunt’ around the room looking for things that began with ‘h’. We carefully traced houses using our developing fine motor skills.

In Mathematics, we looked at the 2d shapes again and made simple patterns with them. We then made a hat with our own repeating pattern on it. We couldn’t wait to wear them home to show our Mums and Dads.

In French with Madame Knight, we enjoyed following her French instructions, for example ‘tu danses’ and ‘assis-toi’.

In ChIL, we enjoyed hearing the story ‘Give us a smile, Cinderalla’ and discovered how Cinderella flosses and brushes her teeth twice a day! We then had a go at drawing our own Tooth Fairy to go with our tooth pots.

On Wednesday in Literacy, we learnt a new sound ‘r’. We tried to think of words that rhyme with ‘rat’ and stuck them on our ‘mats’! We also used vegetables to paint ‘rainbow fish’.

In ChIL, we talked about our teeth. We read Sofia’s little Ladybird book on teeth and found out why we have to brush our teeth. We were then really lucky and ate a chocolate snowball! We had a look at our teeth afterwards. We took it in turns to brush our teeth with Mrs Houten to make sure they didn’t have any plaque on them.

Thursday was a very exciting day!  We walked to the Methodist Church and rehearsed the song we sang in the Harvest festival on Friday.  We sang beautifully!  After a couple of renditions, to make sure were we perfectly in tune, we walked over the road to Pizza Express.  We had such a fun time!  To begin with we had to wash our hands and put an apron and chef’s hat on.  We really looked the part!  Then we used dough to make the bases for our pizzas.  Some of us were brave enough to try and throw the dough high in the air like the chefs do!  We then spread tomato sauce all over the base and sprinkled some cheese on top.  While we washed our hands again and got ourselves ready to walk back to school, the pizzas were all cooked in the huge pizza oven in the kitchen.  We took our pizzas home to have for tea.  Yummy!

In the afternoon, we talked about healthy and unhealthy foods and created paper plates showing some of our favourite foods.  We used a mixture of drawings and cut out pictures to create these.  They look fabulous displayed on the back door!

On Friday, we walked to Church again, making sure we looked very smart.  We sang beautifully in the service and sat very smartly.  We gave our envelopes of money in to the collection.

In the afternoon, we had PE and some circle time, in which we talked about why our friends are special.  What a busy week!

Have a super weekend and see you all on Monday.

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