Nursery News 28th September 2018

28th September 18

We continued our ‘All About Me’ topic work today by trying to draw ourselves. Before we began we read the story ‘The Paper Dolls’ By Julia Donaldson, (Literacy). In the story the little girl drew a row of paper dolls, each one with different features. We looked at our faces in mirrors and talked about our eye colour, skin colour, hair colour, etc. We then used crayons to draw ourselves, (PSE and PD). I wonder if you can tell who is who?

We had a fabulous singing session today with Mrs Radgman and Mrs Weir. We tried really hard to remember lots of traditional nursery rhymes and also some more recent songs. We also added actions, including lots of addition and subtraction with our fingers during the counting songs, (EAD, Literacy and Maths).

Later in the session we read the story ‘Kipper’s Birthday’ by Mick Inkpen. We talked about the months of the year that our birthdays were in, how old we were at the moment and how old we would be on our next birthday. We also talked about how we would celebrate our birthdays in Nursery. We looked at our birthday chart to make sure that all our birthdays were in the right month, (Maths and PSE).

On Tuesday Freya and Emilie came to breakfast club. After a yummy breakfast together they enjoyed some singing and dancing to ‘Frozen’ songs.

In ‘Busy Fingers’ we tried hard to match shape and colour screwing nuts and bolts together, (Maths and PD). We also picked tiny silver balls out of rice using a pincer movement with our hands, (PD). Some of us tried to write our names and are really trying hard to develop a ‘frog on a log’ pencil grip, (Literacy and PD).

In our adult-led activity we worked on our listening skills. Peter Rabbit hid in the classroom whilst one child covered their eyes. All the other boys and girls then used claves to help find Peter. If they were far away from Peter they banged them lightly, If they were near Peter they banged them really hard. Peter hid in the bananas, in the rocket and even swung up high on the washing line, (CL).

We had another great nursery rhymes session with Mrs Weir which we loved, (Literacy, CL and EAD).

We ended the session in the Library listening to a story that Emilie brought in, called ‘Shaggy Dog and the Terrible Itch’, by David Bedford. It was so funny! Thanks Emilie.

On Wednesday morning we explored dinosaurs in the sandpit. We had little eggs which we hid the dinosaurs inside and then made them hatch by opening the eggs, (PD and UW). We also tried to recognise shapes and colours and then used star stickers to decorate each side of the shape, (PD and Maths). We also traced our names and decorated them with stars, (Literacy and PD).

In our adult-led activity our teachers read us ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’, by Eric Carle. We each had a caterpillar and each time the caterpillar ate some fruit we pegged on the correct amount of fruit. We counted and tried to find the numeral that matched. We were very good at counting and pegging, (Maths and PD).

We had a ‘Trampoline Challenge’ during outdoor ChIL and discovered that we can all bounce really high,(PD).

We finished a busy session with a Music lesson with Mrs Harte where we used the parachute, sang lots of nursery rhymes and explored instruments, playing them loudly, softly, quickly and slowly, (EAD).

On Thursday morning we explored a new texture called clay. We used rolling pins to try to squash the clay into a flat shape and then used tools to make patterns, (PD and EAD). It felt cold and sticky!

We also tried to follow repeating colour patterns by putting hair bands onto our teachers fingers in the right order, (Maths and PD).

We had our second French lesson with Madame Bishop and learnt how to sing ‘Tommy Thumb’ in French. We also had a lovely story all about starting school and learnt the French words for the school’s pet rabbits and guinea pigs.

We are learning to be really independent trying to put our own coats on, pour our own drinks and lots more. We learnt a new way to put our coats on by lying on the floor and putting our arms in. We were amazing at it! (PSE and PD).

We had a great outdoor ChIL in the autumn sunshine scooting, trampolining, climbing and many more physical activities to make us strong. We also explored the sandpit for coins using metal dectectors, (UW).

In inside ChIL we also used technological toys, playing with the remote control cars, which was great fun, (UW).

On Friday morning Peter Rabbit told us that he had seen some very strange objects on the school field. We went down to search for them and gradually found a dog, a frog, a bird and then a witches hat. We realised that all these objects were in a favourite story  ‘The Room On The Broom’ by Julia Donaldson. We found the last few items; a broom, a bow and a cat and we then acted out the story for our teachers, (Literacy, PSE and UW).

We are amazing actors!

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