Form I News 28th September

28th September 18

Busy, busy, busy ……….

During English we have continued to work on learning both the sounds and the names of each letter and how to form each capital letter correctly. We also looked at five special letters a,e,i,o and u. These letters are called vowels and there is a vowel in nearly every word! We all have at least one vowel in our name and some of us have more. We found out that Elodie, Eloise and Amelie have the most with 4 different vowels in their name! Wow!

We have been busy discussing the language of addition in our maths lessons. We know how to write an addition sum or a number sentence. We are trying hard to remember where to put the + and = sign and then to calculate the answer. We are also trying hard to count on from any number rather than start at number 1 each time.

During Science and Topic we have been sorting toys by the material that they are made from. On Thursday afternoon we became ‘Toy Detectives’ and used magnifying glasses to look for clues to help us find out facts about different toys. We have also been thinking about our worry dolls and what sort of house they might like to live in whilst they are at school. We drew a house and made lists of all the furniture that they would need in each room!

In Art we designed and painted a picture of the house for our Worry doll.

During RE we have been talking about Harvest and how we are very thankful for all the lovely food that we have to eat. We have discovered that many different religions celebrate at Harvest time. We finished the week with our Harvest Festival at the Methodist church. Thank you for your kind donations to the chosen charity Médecins Sans Frontières.

At story time we watched an episode from an old tv programme about a toy called Bagpuss. I wonder if any of your parents remember Bagpuss?

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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