Reception Weekly News Sept 21st

21st September 18

What a busy week of learning we have had in Reception!

On Monday, we enjoyed focusing on the sound ‘t’. We took time to work in our special Jolly Phonics books, practised writing ‘t’ on the Smartboard, painted with toothbrushes and made collage tigers!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening to Brooke’s favourite story ‘Cinderella’. We then measured lots of the objects from the story, including pumpkins and glass slippers.

During our topic of ‘I am amazing’, we spent time talking about our families. We talked about who we live with and who is in our family. We know a lot more about each other now.

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we loved using leaves to make leaf prints. We painted them and used rollers to make beautiful prints. We can’t wait to see them added to our Reception Class display.

Tuesday was Pet Day again. We loved meeting our two rabbits, Bill and Ben. Can you remember the differences between them?

In Mathematics, we started our session with a number scavenger hunt. We had to look for different amount of natural objects, including 3 conkers and 1 flower. Don’t tell anyone we picked one flower each!

We then went back into the classroom and Mrs Bishop challenged us to work out who was the shortest and the tallest girl and put ourselves into the correct height order. We worked really well, comparing our heights against each other. We worked out Livvy is the shortest girl and Alexa is the tallest girl at the moment, but we know this can change at any time!

We learnt a new sound ‘p’ and enjoyed printing with peppers, pears and potatoes. We also used play dough to make objects beginning with the ‘p’ sound. We couldn’t believe our eyes when a real pigeon flew into the EYFS kitchen during our phonics session! Mrs Bishop managed to catch it and encouraged it to fly out of the Nursery door!

In our PE session with Mrs Bishop, Miss Smith and Mrs Chapman, we loved warming up our bodies to a pop song. We then started to learn how to skip by using a hoop and moving it over our heads. We can’t wait to move onto using real skipping ropes!

In Mathematics, we loved having our feet painted by our teachers. They were very ticklish! We plan to use them to measure with the next day with Mrs Kendall.

In our topic time, we drew our houses using our photographs to help us and made a beautiful painted background to put them on. We then wrote our names for the inside of the card.  We can’t wait to post them to our own address tomorrow and surprise our families!

On Thursday, we focused on ‘n’ in our Phonics lesson.  We worked hard in our phonics books, tracing over the letter ‘n’ and sounding out some words containing the sound ‘n’.  We had great fun playing with noodles, colouring nails on a hand outline and making beautiful necklaces with beads.  What a lot of fun with the letter ‘n’!

In Maths, we measured our footprints that we made yesterday, using cubes.  We carefully lined up the cubes to make sure they were touching and we made sensible estimates beforehand.

In the afternoon, we took a walk to the local post box to deliver the cards we had made in the first part of the week.  It was a little damp outside but that didn’t phase us!  Rain coats on and off we went!  We took it in turns to post our cards and they should be arriving at our houses over the weekend!

On Friday, we learned about the sound ‘c/k’  We made playdough cakes and cut them into slices, made collages of cat faces using different materials and practised writing ‘c’ and ‘k’ with chalks outside.  We are all great at forming the letters now!

After an hour of PE on Friday afternoon we were all ready for a relaxing couple of days off!

Enjoy your weekends and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

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