Nursery Weekly News 21st September

21st September 18

We began another week working on our fine motor skills with our ‘Busy Finger’ activities. We worked with Mrs Weir trying to make the marble run and when we had completed it we had great fun dropping marbles into it, (PD and PSE).

Lots of us were interested in measurements today. Tommy stringed paper clips together and realised they were taller than him, Freya made a tower of tubes which was taller than  her and at one point, before a collapse, the marble run was taller than Mrs Weir, (Maths).

In our adult-led activity we listened to the story ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’, by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We thought about the characters in the story and what happened in the beginning, middle and end, (Literacy). We then made our very own books, ordering the story carefully.

In outside Chil we explored conkers in their shells. We were very interested in the texture of the shells, (UW). We then played a great game rolling conkers down the slide, counting them as Mrs Weir caught them, (Maths and PD).

We ended our session today with a ‘Sticky Kids’ music and movement session. We warmed our bodies up and then tried really hard to follow instructions as we moved, (CL and PD). It was fabulous fun.

On Tuesday our learning focus was ‘Communication and Language’. We talked with our teachers about speaking and listening. We decided to go on a ‘Listening Walk’ around the school to find out what we could hear. We crept into  Reception, Form I, II, IV and VI, the School Office, Kitchen and Mr Sayer’s Office. We heard children’s voices, a roller blind going up and down, the hum of the fridge, laughter, hiccups, the clock chiming and lots more. We are going to work really hard on our listening skills.

After that we took on the ‘Conker Challenge’ in outside ChIL. We used all our strength to open up the prickly conker shells and release the shiny conkers by jumping on them, (PD) We had great fun!

We shared some more ‘Magic Moments’ and used our newly acquired listening and speaking skills, (CL).

We also had another ‘Sticky Kids’ music and movement session and danced to the ‘Funky Monkey’, (EAD and PD).

We finished the session cuddling our toys in the Library listening to Zoë’s favourite book, ‘Five Minutes Piece’ by Jill Murphy. Zoë told us ‘the baby jumps in the bath with his PJs on!’.

On Wednesday morning we enjoyed large drawing on the floor. Some of us used our name cards and tried to write our names, (PD).

In our adult-led activity today we looked at the favourite toys that we had brought in. We told our friends why we liked our special toy and then our friends tried to ask us a question about our toy, (CL and PSE). Tommy brought in a remote control spider and we had great fun as it chased us around the classroom.

Later on in the session we drew our toys and painted them, (EAD and PD). You are going to love our new display.

We had a great Music lesson with Mrs Lipman. We learnt all about making patterns using claps, stamps and  by patting different parts of our bodies. We also explored the sounds of different instruments, (EAD) and looked for ‘Mary’s Little Lamb’ walking on tiptoes, crawling on the ground, running fast and moving slowly to different speeds of music.

On Thursday morning we had our first French lesson with Madame Bishop. We met Leo the cat who is going to help us to learn French. He told us how to say ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ in French. Madame Bishop read us a story about a little girl who had her first day at a French school. We then listened to some French music and had a movement session, (CL, PD and UW).

We are working hard to recognise our names and to sound the initial letter in our name. Today we had great fun rolling out play dough and trying to make the shape on our name cards, (Literacy and PD).

On Friday we enjoyed matching letters to our name cards and trying to make the correct sounds for the letters. We did very well and our teacher’s were very impressed with us, (Literacy).

We also made some amazing 3D models. Our Mummies and Daddies are going to love finding a special place for them at home! (EAD and PD)

We then went off to see the photographer to have our photos taken. We sat and smiled so beautifully. You are going to love our photos.

Enjoy the Autumn sunshine this weekend and we’ll see you all on Monday.

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