Form I News 21st September

21st September 18

Bonjour tout le monde! We have made puppets in French and have been helping our puppets to talk to each other. Mme Knight has been most impressed with how confident our puppets are at talking in front of the class.

In both Maths and English we are working very hard to ensure that we form both our numbers and letters correctly. We need to do this all of the time and not just in our Handwriting or Maths lessons. It is really important that we always try to write our names correctly. Starting with a tall capital letter and then making sure that our tall letters are tall and our short letters are short! We can all do it but sometimes we forget!

During Science we looked at a selection of toys and tried to classify them by the material that they were made from. We had four categories, plastic, metal, wood and fabric. Next week we shall be comparing the materials of old toys and new toys

Thank you to all our parents for completing their homework! We have had fun reading your memories and looking at the pictures.

During Art we have started to make little Guatemalan worry dolls! We learnt that worry dolls are traditionally made from small pieces of wood and scraps of coloured wool. The Mayan people whisper their worries to their little doll before going to sleep to help them sleep peacefully.

Our first show and tell was lovely. The girls told us all sorts of interesting things about what they had brought in.

We have also spent time with Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Matthews practising a song for the Harvest festival that Mrs Lipman taught us in our music lessons.  We all brought home a brown envelope and are hoping to earn a few coins by doing some jobs at home. This envelope needs to be back in school by next Wednesday please.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Matthews

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