Reception Weekly News Sept 14th

14th September 18

What a brilliant first full week we have had in Reception!

We started the week with a Go Noodle dance session, waking up our whole body as we followed a dance version of the ‘Hokey Cokey!’

On Monday in Literacy, we heard the funny story ‘Kipper’s Birthday’. Kipper gets very confused when he makes his Birthday invitations and all of his friends turn up on the wrong day! We thought about our own Birthdays and tried to remember which month they are in. We went on to make our own Birthday balloon using tiny cotton buds to paint with. We can’t wait to see our balloons on our Birthday chart to remind everyone when our Birthday is! We also wrapped up presents for Kipper using wrapping paper and the sellotape machine. Some of us used our growing phonic knowledge to label the presents with Kipper’s name.

In Mathematics, we loved hearing Megan’s favourite story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We then went on our own bear hunt searching for 10 cuddly bears in the Outdoor Classroom. We met Tilly the cat, our neighbour’s cat, during our hunt and said a quick hello and had a stroke!

Once we had found all of the bears, we lined them up and counted them slowly to see how many we had altogether. We then went back into the classroom and counted out 10 bears and put them in our bowl. We used our own little bears to match to Mrs Bishop’s numbers. We are learning to count slowly and carefully, tapping each one as we count.

On Tuesday in Busy Fingers, we took time to paint beautiful pictures, made cards for our families and enjoyed making mince pies with the play dough (although Christmas is still a long way off!)

In Circle Time, we thought about classroom rules which will keep us safe and happy. We asked Mog the cat to help us think of the rules and we came up with lots of brilliant ones, including always share the toys, walk in the classroom and remember to use good manners. We know that we will try so hard to follow the rules all year!

Tuesday was Pet Day. We were so pleased to meet our two friendly guinea-pigs, Biscuit and Cuddles. We loved cuddling them on our laps and couldn’t believe how gentle and calm they are.

In Mathematics, we loved hearing Livvy and Isabelle’s favourite story ‘Hairy Maclary’. We quickly discovered we had missing dogs in the Outdoor Classroom. We each took a numbered bone and tried hard to find the dog with the same number on his collar. We came back into the classroom and made a number line with the dogs and matching bones. We went on to count our own groups of dogs and tried hard to write the correct numerals with the help of a number line!

Miss Smith took half of the class at a time to the Computer Suite. We had a go at using the computers to draw our faces using the Purple Mash programme. We loved our first experience in the Computer Suite!

Tuesday was our first full day in Reception! We were so excited about staying for lunch and the afternoon. We learnt that our new topic is ‘I am amazing’, which will give us lots of opportunities to learn more about ourselves and our friends. We looked in mirrors and tried hard to name each facial feature and thought about what they are used for. We then took lots of time to draw our faces, including eyelashes, nostrils and even our chins! We can’t wait to see them displayed on the classroom washing line soon. We think you will be very impressed with us.

On Wednesday, our Busy Finger focus is Mathematics. We enjoyed counting out little pets using tweezers and even went on to make our own number line with matching amounts of pets. We used the peg hands to try to count out larger amounts of pegs. We also used Tap a Shape to make shape pictures and lots of us attempted the Maths Challenge of matching bees to their correct bee hive.

In Literacy, we enjoyed hearing the story ‘My World’. We learnt that there are lots of differences and similarities between ourselves, including hair, eye and skin colour to the clothes we wear and the food we like to eat. We went on to make our faces with lots of different objects, including beads and counters. We also made our faces using play dough alongside Mrs Chapman, who loves working with us on small group activities.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening to ‘Winnie at the Seaside’ which includes Winnie the Witch, Thea’s favourite book character. We went on to discover Winnie had left lots of numbered pebbles and shells in our sandpit. We dug them up and had to match the number to the correct amount of body movements, including star jumps and hops. We were exhausted by the end!

In ChIL, we enjoyed some autumn sunshine and some of us took time to make up our own dance routine with friends.

On Thursday, we started the day with some Busy Fingers activities, including threading, building structures with Sticklebricks and painting.  All good activities to get our fingers warmed up ready for writing!

In Literacy, we started learning our Jolly Phonics.  We began with ‘s’ and had great fun learning a song all about a snake and listening to stories that contained lots of ‘s’ words.  We then practised writing the letter ‘s’ with our magic fingers on the carpet and also practised writing ‘s’ on a friend’s back!  We then made sizzling sausages and put them in frying pans and coloured and glittered some spiral snakes which we will be displaying in the classroom.

In Maths, we looked at one of girl’s favourite stories, ‘The Nutcracker’.  We listened to a simple version of the story and then used small, medium and large character cut outs to understand ordering.

We had our first Music session with Mrs Lipman before lunch and had a great time!

In the afternoon we made flowers and a bee hive to use for our Next Step display board.  We also played with the small world, did lots of reading in the book corner (we love lying on the cushions having a relax with a book after lunch!) and had some outdoor ChIL.  We really loved re-enacting The Nutcracker, dressing up as the Sugar Plum Fairy with scarves!  We also had fun on the pirate ship, playing in the Wendy house and using the bikes and scooters.  The farm set was also a favourite!

On Friday, we had assembly in the hall with Mr Sayers.  We had some very exciting news…..we won the Smartest Form Cup!  We were thrilled about this and Mr Sayers said he was very proud of us, coping so well with our first full week of school and also for looking so smart!

In Literacy, we learned the sound ‘a’.  We completed the ‘a’ page in our Jolly Phonics book and also made collage apples and made ants out of playdough.  It was great fun!

In Maths, we read a Topsy and Tim book about going to the doctors.  We then took it in turns to count out spoonful’s of ‘medicine’ to make the teddies better again.  We did some excellent counting!  We then did a carousel of activities including counting out sorting bears into different groups, completing number jigsaw puzzles and playing a game where we threw some dice and then built a tower of the same number of cubes.

In the afternoon, we had PE.  It was exciting as we had to change into our PE kits for the first time!  We had an hour of gym and dance in the hall with Mrs Rushbrook.  Such fun!

What a busy week!

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing all the girls on Monday ready for another fun week of learning.

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