Form I News 14th September 2018

14th September 18

We have made it through our first whole week in Form I and our teachers think that we have been superstars!

We have experienced so many new lessons this week but have taken it all in our stride.

On Monday we became scientists and discussed how we could make some of our toys move. We realised that there were two different forces being used to move each toy. One force was a push and the other was a pull. We tested each toy to see if it needed to be pushed or pulled in order to make it move. Next we sorted the toys into two different hoops depending on what type of force was needed to move each toy. Evie noticed that some toys needed to be pushed and pulled. We worked out that if we overlapped the hoops then the telephone could be put in both the push and the pull hoop. Mrs Johnstone told us that we had just recorded our findings in the form of a venn diagram!

Tuesday proved to be a rather dramatic day! We had our first Drama lesson with Miss O’Hare. We played some fun games together in the new Performing Arts room.

We also made use of the warm weather and had great fun splashing in the swimming pool.

On Thursday we travelled back in time to when we were babies. This was the start of our first History lesson and we talked about our own personal history. We each made a timeline of events in our life from when we were babies to being big girls in Form I. We shall soon be looking at different toys and making a timeline about when they were made and played with. We plan to send home some homework for our parents or grandparents to complete too.

We continued to be creative on Friday afternoon through our Art lesson. We used pastels to create a picture of our toy, paying particular attention to the colour and shape of different parts of the toy.

Alongside all of these new subjects we have of course been working very hard in our English and Maths lessons too. In English we have been practising our phonics skills in both our reading and writing and even during our very exciting spelling test on Friday! In Maths our focus this week has been counting and estimating. We are now working with the ‘teen’ numbers and beyond.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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