Summer Holiday Club News August 11th

Welcome to St Hilda’s Summer Holiday Club!

We have enjoyed a lovely first week in the holiday club, despite it feeling extremely autumnal!

Monday was our Fantasy Day. We made our own felt wands, which required some careful sewing to stick them together by Mrs Radgman!

In our free play time, we loved making pictures with the Tap a Shape, including cats and rabbits. We enjoyed using the play dough, making tea parties. We used the mobilo to make the world’s longest train! We enjoyed free painting, producing beautiful pieces of art work.

We enjoyed some time in both the Outdoor Classroom and on the field.

We took time to make fairy cakes together and decorated them in the afternoon with icing, sprinkles and fairy wings.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed making unicorns, adding a silver horn and details.

Tuesday was our Summer Fete Day. We started the day making a gold coin to spend at the fete. We enjoyed making summer themed bunting.

We made and decorated cupcakes to sell on the cake stall at the fete.

We couldn’t wait to go to the fete in the afternoon. We took our coins and handed them in at at the door. We had our nails painted by the older girls, chose which face painting we wanted and surprised our friends with our lovely faces. Can you recognise us?



We had a go at guessing how many marbles were in the jar and then felt some smelly socks and tried to work out what was inside them.

We played hook a duck and tried hard to balance the marbles as quickly as we could in one minute!

We later discovered that Elodie had won with the closest guess at how many marbles were in the jar and Katie and Ted won the ‘Guess what’s in the sock?’ game with all six correct answers.

What a fun afternoon!

Wednesday was Baking Day. We started the day by designing our own cupcake.

We went on the make a bread roll to take home. We mixed all of the ingredients and kneaded the dough really well. We had a go at plaiting the b bread to make a delicious roll.

We enjoyed a talent show in the afternoon, showcasing our talents, which included gymnastics, piano playing, singing, shadow puppets and dancing!

Thursday was Jungle Day. We enjoyed making jungle wooden spoon animals, taking time to add lovely detail to them.

We used animal sponges to make beautiful pictures, as well using other construction to make jungle themed pictures.

We loved using the Outdoor Classroom with our friends, using the bike to pull the trailer along with passengers!

In the afternoon, we made our own animal masks, before noticing the sun was shining. We dashed outside to use the sprinkler for the first time all week! We loved jumping through the cold water.

Friday was ‘St Hilda’s in Bloom’ day. We took time to make lovely dotty plant pictures and made flower pot flowers with our hands.

In the afternoon, we made a tasty flower shaped sandwich.

We went on to painting our own flower pot and planting a seed to grow.

We enjoyed using the sprinkler in the afternoon, having lots of fun with our friends.

What a fun way to end an amazing week! Enjoy the weekend everyone.