Reception Weekly News May 4th

We have enjoyed another fun week in Reception.

On Monday in Literacy, we practised forming ‘e’ correctly. Our two Helping Hands checked on our letter formation and were impressed by our efforts.

We enjoyed letting the ducklings explore their new surroundings. They were very lively and wouldn’t stay in the tuff spot tray!

In Mathematics, some of us played ‘Hook a Duck’ by using a rod to hook out a magnetic duck. We then tried to work out what the number was, by counting up a number line to reach the teens numbers and making the correct amount using our bead strings.

We have been busy with our Home Learning making all sorts of things to do with the ducklings. We presented our work in front of our friends. We had posters, salt dough ducks to match the number rhyme ‘5 little ducks’, photographs of the duck and her nest outside The Little Gym and much more. Thank you girls and parents for making such a big effort at home!

On Tuesday, in Busy Fingers, we enjoyed using different media to make some lovely duck pictures. We also rose to the Maths Challenge and managed to fill in the missing numbers on our egg number lines.

In Mathematics, we enjoyed working with our partners to make teens numbers. One of us made 10 using our fingers and one of us made the units to add onto the 10.

We taught the ducklings to swim today! We placed them carefully in a tub of water and loved watching them swim and dive through the water. We couldn’t believe that they hadn’t had swimming lessons before as they were so good at it!

We ended the day by watching a short story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ on the smartboard.

On Wednesday, we loved making a moving Gingerbread Man. We cut it out carefully and added the split pins to make him move. We hope he escapes the oven now!

In Literacy, we drew careful diagrams of the ducklings and labelled them. We also made lovely labels for our Fairy Tale display.

We enjoyed letting the ducklings out on the carpet again. They seem to be getting used to us now and were a little calmer as we held them.

In Mathematics, we worked hard to make teens numbers using cubes. We made a tower of 10 cubes using one colour and then added the units onto it using another colour.

In the afternoon, Miss Ramdani helped us to make our own duck life cycle.

On Thursday we had our last cuddle with the ducklings before they head to a farm in Norwich. The cuddles are getting a little tricky because the ducklings are getting bigger and much better at jumping!

We then wrote our duckling diaries. We wrote about our favourite thing about the ducklings. Some favourite things were – they are so fluffy, they look funny when they run, they jump, they are cute, the duckling who likes to sit on the house instead of in the house and Mrs Wallace said that she loves the noise they make. When all the girls go home I can still hear ‘chattering’ and then realise it is the ducklings.

In Mathematics we carried on reinforcing teen numbers. We were introduced to Numicon. A mathematical number representation resource. We had a go at ordering them and then trying to make 20 in as many ways as possible. We also played ‘Make 10’. Where we had to keep adding numbers with unifix cubes by building towers of 10.

During ChIL we used our creative skills to begin to make our own ducklings. We will finish these next week. We had a few more duckling presentations. It has been lovely to see the variety of things that the girls have chosen to bring in.

On Friday we were very excited to go on our trip to Hertford Theatre. We loved having a picnic together and the production of Tiddler was lots of fun! We couldn’t get ‘Tiddler, Tiddler, Tiddler’s late’ out of our heads on the way back to school!