Reception Weekly News May 18th

We have enjoyed another fun week in Reception.

On Monday, we loved hearing a different version of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, called ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’. In Literacy, some of us made signs which the poor little wolves could use to stop the Big Bad Pig tormenting them! Rosie made a super sign saying ‘Only good pigs in the house!’ Sophia said ‘No pigs allowed!’ and Cicely politely said ‘Stop Pig, be kind’. Some of us had a go writing our own fairy tales and some of us designed a fairy tale book cover with Mrs Houten.

In Mathematics, we have been learning more about time. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Nursery Time’ and making the o’clock times with our own clock to match Mr Wolf’s times. We remembered the long hand needs to reach up to the 12 and the short hand reaches to the hour. Try to tell the time at home, especially when the clock shows an o’clock time!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a very active Busy Fingers session. We used our fingers to decorate crowns with jewels. We loved playing a variety of games with our friends, including Monkey Business.

In Literacy, we worked hard to form t and u correctly in our handwriting.

In Mathematics, we learnt how we can make half-past times on our clocks. We then tried to match the half-past times in the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and even started to work out simple time problems, such as ‘Mummy started making the picnic hamper at 9 o’clock and she took half an hour to fill it with lovely food. What time did she finish making it?’

In the afternoon in ChIL, some of us made clay Gingerbread Men. We loved feeling the clay, squidging and moulding it to make the men. We added detail and can’t wait for them to dry so we can paint them.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed our Construction Busy Fingers by making a split pin character from ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We then enjoyed a short story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ on the Smartboard with our characters joining in!

In Literacy, we loved listening to the story of ‘The Rhyming Rabbit’ and enjoyed trying to think of rhymes for our own rabbit! Some of us matched rhyming eggs and some of us made a rhyming peg game for our Nursery friends. We can’t wait to explain to them how to play it and hope they will enjoy it.

In Mathematics, some of us made our own clock so we can practise making o’clock and half past times at home!

We enjoyed an amazing outdoor learning session with Alison. We went on a Bear Hunt and found 9 bears hiding in the Outdoor Classroom. We used natural materials to make something special for the bears. We made homes and beds for them using sticks, cane, leaves, pampas grass and beech nuts.

In the afternoon, we took time to paint our Gingerbread Men. We hope we can make some real Gingerbread Men to eat soon! We were inspired by Alison and decided to take our pig puppets outdoors with Mrs Matthews and made different homes for them using different natural materials.

On Thursday in Literacy we had a go at rhyming! We looked for rhyming sentences in Julia Donaldson books. We then pretended to be Tiddler and came up with our own rhyming excuses for being late for school! We also played a rhyming matching game.

In Mathematics, we continued to look at o’clock and half past times. We read ‘Peppa’s Busy Day’ and tried to think what we do at the same time and tried to match our clock time to Peppa’s.

During ChIL we created models with Lego and watched builder videos for inspiration on what to build.  We had lots of fine motor practice and made jewellery fit for a queen!

On Friday during Literacy we focused on our reading. We are getting very good at guided reading and the books this week featured some very silly animals.

In Music, we have begun to learn our performance songs for the end of the year. We love them and serenaded Mrs Wallace all day with them.

In Mathematics, we continued to look at what is half past on a clock and working out half an hour later than a time.

During ChIL, we painted pictures with Tiddler in to match our excuses that we wrote yesterday.

Another busy week! Next week we will be looking at the frog lifecycle. If anyone has a pond with frogspawn or tadpoles, please feel free to bring some in a jar to show everyone!