Reception Weekly News May 11th

Welcome back after the Bank Holiday. We felt like we had all been on holiday due to the beautiful weather!

We started Tuesday with a Go Noodle dance session. We warmed up our bodies ready for some more handwriting. We practised forming i and l correctly with the flicks. Our Helping Hands were close by to spot girls using the correct frog on the log pencil grip and using the correct letter formation!

In Mathematics, we were focusing on ‘Sharing’. We loved hearing the story ‘The Doorbell rang’ where two children had to share out 12 cookies equally, but the doorbell rang and more friends came along. Each time, they had to share 12 cookies between 2 of them, then 4, then 6 and finally 12 friends! We were very clever at predicting how many we thought they might get! We then had a go at sharing 10 beans between Jack and his Mum from Jack and the Beanstalk and 15 cereal packets between 3 friends.

On Wednesday, we loved listening to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We then planted our own bean in soil and made a lovely label for it. We can’t wait to take it home and watch it grow. Remember to keep your bean diary at home and bring it in to show us once the bean has grown!

On Thursday we wrote instructions on how to plant a bean seed. We focussed on the command word at the beginning of each sentence and making sure each instruction was only one sentence. We also had a go at writing alternative magical lands at the top of the bean stalk! We chose ones that we would like to find. Fairies, unicorns and sweetie lands featured heavily!

In Mathematics we have looked at sharing whole objects out. We worked with a learning partner to share a pizza between 2 people and then 4 people and 3 apples between 2 and then 4 people. We even had a go at working out how we would share 3 apples between 5 people.

In afternoon ChIL we finished making our ducklings. Watch out for our display next week! We wrote fairy tales, did some gardening and made more pictures with natural materials.

On Friday we all had chance to read our books and practise our handwriting. In Mathematics we continued practice of sharing. This time sharing out collections of objects.

During ChIL we set up a café and practised our sharing out, we created homes for insects and wrote stories about what our ducklings are doing in their adopted homes in Norwich!