Reception Weekly News June 8th

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoyed a lovely half-term holiday.

We started the week with a really informative assembly about how to handle dogs by Mrs Atkinson. We learnt ways in which we can tell how a dog is feeling and what to do if a dog approaches us. We managed to recall Mrs Atkinson’s advice when we met three dogs on the way to the swimming pool on Wednesday. We all stood like statues until the dogs has passed us! Thank you Mrs Atkinson for your helpful advice.

On Monday, in Literacy we practised forming m and n correctly. We also worked really hard to write our holiday news independently, impressing our teachers with our sentence structure, punctuation, finger spaces and letter formation.

In Mathematics, we have been thinking about addition. We enjoyed singing Double Dumpling where we had to work out doubles up to 10. We then rolled two dice and tried to work out the number sentence. We used cubes, bead strings and number lines to help us solve the problems.

We had a very productive Busy Fingers on Tuesday. We used screwdrivers to prepare screws in wood and then used elastic bands to wrap around them to make beautiful shape patterns. We also used fishing rods to match sounds to letters, made amazing symmetrical models with construction kits and made beautiful collages of summer clothes, choosing our swimwear and dresses ready for the new season!

In Literacy, we enjoyed listening to a story about a special Dad. We quickly remembered that Father’s Day is coming soon and took time to think about our own Dads. We started working on a surprise for them. We hope they like it!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed playing a board game where we had to roll two dice and work out the number sentence on each space. We tried hard to race to the end of the board and see who the winner was!

In the afternoon, we used paint to make super portraits of our Dads. We are looking forward to adding detail to them over the next few weeks.

On Wednesday, we rushed into school and down to Rothamsted Swimming Pool. We were so sensible both getting changed and working with Mrs Rushbrook during our swimming lesson. Our teachers were really proud of us and gave us all a house point! Well done everyone.

In the afternoon, we had our visit to Form I with Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Matthews. When we came back into our classroom, we loved playing our home-made board games. We worked in pairs on the games and tried hard to take turns and play fairly.

We continued to work on our portraits of our Dads during ChIL and also enjoyed the summer sunshine in the Outdoor Classroom.

At the end of the day, we met Reception’s newest pets; Caterpillars! We shared everything we know about caterpillars and then enjoyed ‘The crunching, munching caterpillar’ story before home time.

On Thursday in Literacy we carried on working on our surprise for Daddy. We had lots of fun thinking about them. We also began Caterpillar Diaries, made love heart messages for people we love and played a consonant blend game. We are really focusing on hearing that second sound. For example, Clock, drop, bring.

In Mathematics on Thursday and Friday we are mastering numbers to 10. We used tens-frames to work out ‘how many more’ do I need to make 10, Numicon to find two pieces that make 10 and worked out fast additions to 10.

In Music we loved rehearsing our songs for the upcoming performance!

During ChIL on Thursday and Friday we began adding detail to the Dad portraits. We thought really hard about what Daddy looks like. We also had a go at sewing, took photographs of the caterpillars and built bug houses for all the creepy crawlies!