Reception Weekly News June 22nd

We have enjoyed another busy week in Reception.

We started the week off with some handwriting practice. We were working on one-armed robot letters p and h. While some of us were working on our letter formation, some of us were busy creating informative posters letting people know about our new class pets, the caterpillars!

In Mathematics, we enjoyed listening to number problems about Fairy Tale characters, for example The Old Lady used 6 currants for the Gingerbread Man’s buttons and 2 currants for his eyes. How many currants did she use altogether? We listened carefully to each story and wrote the number sentences before working out the answers.

On Tuesday, we loved making our own split pin butterflies in Busy Finger. We then held onto them as we heard ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ story on the Smartboard and flapped them together when the butterfly emerged from the chrysalis!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed using a clever printing technique to make symmetrical butterflies. Mrs Matthews enjoyed working with the girls in the Outdoor Classroom planting Fuchsias in wellington boots! We think they are going to look beautiful.

On Wednesday, we enjoyed another swim in Rothamsted Pool. We worked hard to improve our swimming strokes.

When we returned, we loved watching the big girls in their Senior Show.

On Thursday, we were very excited to be using the Nursery classroom for our morning activities. We loved using the different resources and had lots of fun.

In Literacy, we wrote about what we would be thinking / feeling if we were a butterfly in a chrysalis waiting to break out! Lots of us wrote about being hungry and looking forward to finding nectar.

In Mathematics, we had a go at using our sharing skills to work out how many each group would have if we shared a collection out. For example, 10 fish in 2 ponds. How many fish in each pond?

During ChIL we illustrated our butterfly writing, started sewing bookmarks, made holiday suitcases and created flowers and skyscrapers with Lego.

On Friday, in Literacy we had our final guided reading session of the year and enjoyed finishing the farm stories.

We had fun swimming! We are all getting very confident in the water. We then continued with sewing bookmarks.

We have no home learning this week. Instead we would like you to learn your line for the performance and practice the song.

Have a relaxing weekend.