Reception Weekly News 27th April 2018

Welcome back everyone! We couldn’t wait to get back to school after the Easter break and continue our topic of Traditional Tales.

On Monday in Busy Fingers, we explored the new lego. We built lots of interesting structures in small groups. We also took time to make super peg patterns.

We have been working on our special booklets which show off everything we have learnt so far. Our teachers are proud of how well we are working.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed painting more Fairy Tale characters for our classroom display. We are so mature now as we are painting, looking carefully at the smaller details of the pictures we are using for inspiration.

Amelie reminded us it was St George’s Day. We discovered why we celebrate St George’s Day; Knight George managed to kill the dragon who was eating all of the lovely maidens in the villages! We enjoyed watching children celebrating the day by dressing up as knights. We also enjoyed drawing pictures of dragons, maidens and castles.

Towards the end of the day, we were so excited to meet David, who delivered something very special! He left us with an incubator and five eggs! We tried to work out what might be in the eggs and came up with some interesting ideas, including crocodiles. Our teachers are hoping this isn’t the case!

On Tuesday in Literacy, we started writing our own Duckling Diary. We looked closely at the eggs and tried hard to describe them. We also drew an egg and labelled it.

In the afternoon, we were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We went out into the Outdoor Classroom and made beautiful spiral pictures using all sorts of flowers, sticks and stones.

On Wednesday, in Busy Fingers, we tried really hard to make patterns to match the coloured charts using the bands.

We also used the paint sticks to make our own pictures. Some of us decided to paint the incubator and eggs!

In Literacy, we worked on Day 2 of our Duckling Diary. We used magnifying glasses to look carefully at the five eggs. We noticed that there are now small cracks in two of them. Some of us made lovely duck and duckling stick puppets and some of us drew an imaginary egg and wrote about what we would like to find inside the egg!

In Mathematics, we loved singing along to 5 little ducks and using bead strings to work out the answers to the subtraction problems each time a duck swam off. Afterwards, some of us worked on number problems with Mrs Matthews, writing the number sentence to her verbal number problem and some of us worked with Mrs Bishop, using fans to show the answer to verbal number problems in the Outdoor Classroom.

We sent Miss Smith an e-mail using lots of interesting questions which we had thought of at home for Home Learning. We can’t wait for a reply!

In the afternoon, we planted lots of strawberry plants, digging the holes in the soil and watering them once they were planted using the water butt.

On Thursday, we were delighted to come to school and find one duckling had hatched in the night. Mrs Matthews had found him out of his egg when she came into school to run the Breakfast Club. She named him Eggbert! During our Snack Time, a second duckling hatched; Daisy had arrived! We managed to watch her coming out of her shell! Have a look on the school Facebook page where there is a video of Daisy hatching complete with lots of ‘aaaaah’s’ from the girls!

On Friday we were very excited because all the ducklings hatched! And all whilst we were in the room! They are Cheep Cheep, Fluffy and Smithy (in honour of Miss Smith who missed out on seeing them hatch).

We also had chance to hold Eggbert and Daisy! We were very excited particularly when the duckling fell asleep on us! Daisy seemed intent on eating everyone’s button or collars!

During ChIL we had chance to make our own potato head which we will hope will grow some hair!