Nursery Weekly News 8th June 2018

It was lovely to welcome back all the girls for our final Nursery term.

We soon got busy on our new topic ‘Under the Sea’. This week we are learning all about ‘Fish’.

We played ‘Phonic Fishing’ with Mrs Holdstock. Some of us caught a letter and then matched the sound to picture clues. We also used our phonic knowledge to try to write some words, (PD and Literacy).

Some of us played with fish, sea creatures and shells, in a sea life scene. We also looked at factual books about sea life and also some favourite sea creature stories, (Literacy and UW).

We also coloured pictures of different sea creatures. Olivia, Alexa and Annabel worked together to create a lovely star fish, (PSE, PD and EAD).

In our adult-led activity we continued with our fish theme. We all had to catch a fish with a rod or a net. The fish had a number on and we tried hard to recognise the number and then build a tower of unifix to match numeral to quantity. We worked so hard at this activity and our teachers were very proud of us, (Maths and PD).

We were amazed to see that our grass for the ‘Three Billy Goat’s Gruff’, had grown. We watered it and also our bean, which is really tall now.

We started to share our ‘Magic Moments’ with our friends, when Olivia told us all about her exciting half-term. We also enjoyed Annabel’s half-term adventures with Peter Rabbit, (CL and PSE).

In music we began the half-term with lots of different action songs, including ‘Alice the Camel’ and a song about a bumble bee.

In ‘Busy Fingers’ we used our scissor skills to cut out fish and then colour and decorate them with different textures and glitter, (PD and EAD).

In Jolly Phonics we learnt our new sound ‘x’. Alexa told us that she had this sound in her name.

We then looked at the Smartboard and saw lots of different types of fishes and sea creatures. We learnt that some fish live in the sea, whilst others live in rivers and streams and are fresh water fish, (UW).

Livvy shared her half-term news with us and we enjoyed the beautiful picture of Kew Gardens, (CL).

We are enjoying playing in our new role-play area, using the sand and toys, buying ice creams, buckets and spades and summer clothes, (EAD).

Wednesday was such a busy day. We wondered how we managed to fit everything in!

In ‘Busy Fingers’ we played a new game called ‘What’s the Rhyme’, with Mrs Houten. We found a picture card with a word on it. We said the word, ‘cat’ and then had to match it into a little house with a rhyming word on, ‘hat’. We then tried to find another one that also rhymed. We really enjoyed this new game, (Literacy).

We also played with a marble run. We tried work together to connect it and then drop the marbles into it to see where they travelled, (PSE and PD).

We also painted the soft dough Trolls footprints that we made at the end of last half-term, (EAD and PD). They will look fabulous in our classroom display.

In our adult-led activity we looked at the patterns and shapes of different fish on the Smartboard. We all talked about the fish we liked best and what we liked about them, (CL). We then split into three groups to draw and paint our own fish. Some of us used inks, some poster paints and the other girls used paint splatters, (PD and EAD). They look amazing and we think you are going to love our new wall display.

We then had a French lesson from Madam Knight, who will teach us French when we move into Reception next year, (PSE). We told Madam Knight our names and we sang some songs in French and played a game. It was such fun!

In the afternoon, Mrs Radgman read us ‘Rainbow Fish to the Rescue’. We thought about how the little fish felt when he wasn’t allowed to join in a game, (PSE). We then all worked together to draw and collage a big ‘Rainbow Fish’, (PSE and EAD).

On Thursday we used jewels to decorate fish shapes and also made more fish using our ever increasing scissor control to cut them out, (PD).

In French, with Mrs Bishop we played a fishing game. We hooked a fish and found that underneath was a number. We tried to recognise the number and say it and then learnt the number in French. We then did an activity with the same number, six star jumps, eight crazy dances and lots more, (UW and Maths).

In indoor ChIL some of us did bubble painting to make bubbles for our sea display. We loved blowing the bubbles with a straw and then making a print of the bubbles on paper.

In the afternoon we used clay to make fish shapes. We then pressed metallic beads into them to make them look like the ‘Rainbow Fish’, (EAD).

Friday we had a really quick Busy Fingers, making gorgeous bracelets, before heading to the field for the whole school photo. We sat beautifully and smiled our best smiles.

After outdoor ChIL we were disappointed to learn that our first dip at St Hilda’s school would have to be postponed as it was just a bit too chilly. We look forward to next week – hopefully it will have warmed up a little by then!

We had a lovely play indoors and then headed to the library for our favourite way to end the week with a story and a cuddle with our toys.

Have a super weekend girls and we will see you all next week.