Nursery Weekly News 4th May 2018

This week’s traditional tale is ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’. Mrs Radgman read us the story and we made some really clever predictions throughout the story, (Literacy).

In our adult-led activity we drew around our friend’s feet. We then carefully cut the footprint out. On Wednesday we are going to order the footprints by size and we are going to sew around the edge, like the Elves in the story, (PD and Maths).

After our snack today we took time to look at all the photos of our runner beans. The Nursery beanstalk is the tallest at 27cm and the smallest beanstalk is Annabel’s at 13cm. We look forward to watching them grow even more. Sophie’s bean hadn’t grown at all, but Sophie brought us in pictures of the lovely Sweet Peas that she has grown at home.

In our Music lesson, Mrs Lipman told us a story about a frog who heard lots of funny noises. We added percussion to the story and our teachers were really pleased with how sensibly we used the instruments and tapped out rhythms.

On Tuesday morning we worked on our drawing and cutting skills, cutting out shoes and decorating them with different colour prints to look like the leather that the Elves made the shoes from, (PD and EAD). We are working very hard on our ‘frog on a log’ pencil grip when colouring and writing, (PD).

In our Jolly Phonics lesson we learnt our new sound ‘z’. When we practised all our other sounds we decided that ‘j’, ‘l’, ‘r’ and ‘n’ are the trickiest, so we are going to practise them to really get them right. We then worked in different groups on some phonics games. One group worked outside listening to Mrs Matthews call out different words. When we recognised the initial sound of the word we ran to a carpet tile with that letter on. The other grouped worked with Mrs Radgman on the Smartboard playing ‘Phonic Bingo’. Some simple words rolled around and when they stopped we sounded out each individual sound and then blended them together to make a word. Together we put the word into a sentence and then ticked it off on our bingo card. We all worked so hard in our phonics lesson and were awarded two marbles.

In Chil Sophie planted a bean. We hope this one grows.

Brooke painted the beanstalk for our new classroom display. Good work Brooke.

We also had some lovely play and learning in outside ChIL in the sunshine.

In Music we continued to learn our songs and actions for the school summer show. We are also going to learn a dance. You are going to be so proud of us when you come to see it.

In ‘Busy Fingers’ on Wednesday morning we were very busy using water colours to paint pictures of ‘Elves’, (PD and EAD), some of us played a game called ‘Ten Green Bottles’ with Mrs Houten, (Maths) and we also made some fantastic models out of Lego, (EAD).

In our adult-led activity we sorted the feet we made on Monday into size order. It was tricky as some were almost the same, (Maths).

We then used needles and wool to sew around the edge of our feet, just like the ‘Elves’ in this week’s traditional tale, (PD and EAD). We were amazing at sewing and Mr Sayers popped by and put a marble in our jar.

Just before lunch we listened to a new CD called ‘Relax Kids’. We all lay on the floor and listened to some soothing music and pretended to be bunnies, sleeping and stretching. It was so relaxing that we all nearly had a snooze!

After lunch we thought about the story of ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ and thought about what the word ‘pair’ meant. Some of us quickly said that it meant ‘two’ and said that we had pairs of eyes, shoes, hands and socks. Mrs Radgman had a huge bag of socks and we had to try and match them into pairs. We did it really quickly and then used our strong fingers to fold them over so they didn’t get lost, (Maths and PD). Well done girls.

We also had a visit from Smiffy duckling. He has really grown and we enjoyed stroking him. He is so soft.

On Thursday morning we worked on our Maths skills, matching number to quantity, clipping pegs onto hands with a number printed on them.

In French, Mrs Bishop read us the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and we learnt the French words for the characters in the story. We also said our colours and numbers in French. Mrs Bishop was very pleased with us.

At break time we joined the rest of the school on the field for our first proper playtime. Annie and Lottie found their sisters and played with them. We also had races around the field with some of our Reception friend. It was great fun.

We awarded two ‘Golden Welly’ certificates today to Lottie and Olivia. Well done girls!

In the afternoon we did welly boot printing with Mrs Radgman for a new wall display on our topic, The Elves and the Shoemaker’.

On Friday morning Mrs Radgman read us a more recent story about shoes. It was called ‘Alfie’s Feet’ by Shirley Hughs. We listened carefully and in our groups talked about the sequence of the story, (Literacy). We then ordered the story using pictures and some of us used our emergent phonic knowledge to write captions for our books.

Lottie confidently told us all about her holiday ‘Magic Moments’ what a great time you had Lottie!

We had a lovely ChIL in the sunshine today and are very much looking forward to a hot and sunny long weekend. Have fun and see you on Tuesday.