Nursery Weekly News 29th June 2018

This week we are continuing with our ‘Seaside Stories’ topic work.

We read a lovely story called ‘Harriet Adrift’. Emily took her pet hamster Harriet for a day at the seaside and Harriet accidently drifted out to sea in a boat. We all acted out the story using lots of props. Annabel was Emily, Olivia was her friend Tom and Olive was Harriet the hamster. Some of us were seagulls, whilst others were fish and Alexa was Auntie Lucy. Luckily, the story had a happy ending when Harriet sailed back to the beach to be reunited with Emily, (EAD and Literacy).

We worked hard in ‘Busy Fingers’ making cards for one another, using the name cards to write all our friends names inside, (PD, PSE and Literacy).

We used teaspoons to pick up marbles and put them into tiny glasses. We then counted how many marbles we could fit inside, (PD and Maths).

Mrs Holdstock helped us to play a game called ‘Wiggly Worms’. We had a timer and had to try to catch worms using our fingers, as they bobbed up and down. It was tricky, but good for our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

We celebrated some ‘Golden Wellie’ achievements. We are hoping to complete all our ‘What’s Next’ Steps before we move into Reception and start new ones.

In our Music lesson we rehearsed all our summer show. Not long now and you are going to love it!

On Tuesday morning we recapped all our phonic single sounds. We were amazing at the sounds and actions. We then played a listening game. We are already good listeners but are trying to be even better ready for Reception, (CL).

We had a lovely indoor ChIL playing castles, Stickle Bricks and continuing to use our phonic knowledge to write cards for one another, (EAD, PD and Literacy).

Annabel then surprised us by showing us two beans that had grown from the beans that we all planted in Nursery. Amazing!

On Wednesday morning we worked together making our ‘Scarefish’. We glittered more CDs for the scales and also used ribbon to weave a tail, (EAD and PD). Mr Sayers popped in to see us and thought that it looked fabulous!

We had lovely ChIL sessions inside and out. Mrs Thayer’s niece Daisy is completing her work experience at the school and she played with us making play dough food for our play in the role-play ‘Seaside Shop’, (PD and EAD).

On Thursday we worked hard in ‘Busy Fingers’ threading wooden shapes and using Mobilo to make structures, (Maths and PD).

We then went down to the field to watch the rest of the school who were having a ‘Sports Day’ practise. We loved watching our big girls doing skipping, sack races running races and lots more. We hope that some of them come and watch us when we do our Sports Day.

In the afternoon with Mrs Radgman we read a lovely seaside story called ‘Lucy and Tom at the Seaside’ by Shirley Hughes. We talked about times we had spent on holidays with our families and then Lottie suggested that we all made our own seaside book. Lottie made the title page and the start, Olivia drew the boy and girl, Mrs Radgman drew the Mummy and Daddy, Livvy and Sophie drew the beach and Olive drew the deep sea, (Literacy, PSE and PD). It is fantastic! Great work together girls!

On Friday we had to immediately change into our costumes for the Junior School Production dress rehearsal. We then went to the school hall and sang all our songs and showed our dance to the rest of the junior school.

We had a quick playtime and then changed yet again, but this time into our swim suits for our swimming lesson. We had such fun on another hot day.

We hope to see lots of you on Sports Day. There’s a brothers and sisters race that you can take part in and the classroom will be open and all your amazing work will be on display. Have lovely weekends.