Nursery Weekly News 27th April 2018

We began the first full week of the summer term with a really industrious ‘Busy Fingers’.

We tried to open the tennis ball ‘Money Monsters’ using our strong hands, and then fed them with coins, (PD). It was really tricky, but it will make our fingers strong for writing.

Some of us played ‘Phonic Fishing’ with Mrs Holdstock, who is very impressed with our increasing phonic knowledge, (Literacy).

We also did threading with Stella and some of us used the drill and screws.

In our first ‘Jolly Phonics’ lesson of the term we recapped all our learnt sounds and we were amazing. We then learnt our new sound ‘j’ and sang a really funny song about jelly. We all played a game pulling objects out of a bag. We thought about the sound that the item began with and then matched it to the correct letter tile. We than used ‘Sound Talk’ to try to hear the sounds in ‘cat’, ‘hat’ and ‘egg’ and blend them together to say the word. We all worked so hard and our teachers were really proud of us.

We are enjoying playing in our new role-play area, ‘The Shoe Shop’. We have been measuring our feet and trying to find the correct size shoes. Some of us have been acting out the ‘Cinderella’ story and have been lucky enough to have a handsome prince come to marry us!

Tuesday morning saw lots of activity in the Nursery. We cut out pictures of ‘The Ugly Duckling’, coloured them and stuck feathers on, (PD and EAD). We also used water colours to carefully paint ducks.

Some of us made our own band and sang and played musical instruments, (PSE and EAD).

We also tried to balance marbles onto golf tees. Tricky, but good for our making our fingers dexterous, (PD).

We read our new traditional tale, ‘The Ugly Duckling’ and made some lovely predictions about the story and also thought very carefully about how the poor ‘Ugly Duckling’ felt, (PSE and Literacy). We all understand how to be nice to our friends in Nursery.

Some of us then shared our Easter ‘Magic Moments’ with our friends. We are getting very good at speaking and listening to one another.

In our Music lesson with Mrs Lipman we learnt lovely new ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ songs. Lottie then became a goat and we all sang a song about the goat walking over a rickety bridge. Olive then became ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and fell off her wall. Luckily we had lots of ‘King’s Men’ to ride to her rescue. Finally, we started learning songs for our summer show. You’re going to love it!

On Wednesday we started to make a new classroom display about ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We thought about the story we had read and talked about the animals in it, (Literacy). We then thought about the shapes we would use to draw the different animals, (Maths). We then drew our pictures and used different textured collage to decorate them, (EAD). They look fabulous!

After Chil we went into Reception to look at the five duckling eggs. We thought about what the ducklings inside would look and how they would get out of their shells, (UW).

In our afternoon session we sang ‘Five Little Ducks Went Swimming One Day’ and all counted each time a duck jumped into the pond. We are very good at subtracting one away, (Maths).

There was some super play in our afternoon session too. We played with ducks in water, acting out ‘The Ugly Duckling’ story, we made towers for Rapunzel and her family using wooden blocks and the traditional tale characters, we played with the remote control cars and also the Playmobil small world. Mrs Radgman was so pleased with our lovely interactions and kindness whilst we played.

On Thursday there was exciting news! The first duckling had hatched in Reception and we were going to visit. We crept quietly into Reception where Mrs Matthews gently held Eggburt and we stroked him. Later in the day Daisy emerged from her shell too.

We spent some time today sharing all our Easter news with our ‘Magic Moments’. We are becoming such good speakers and listeners, (CL). Stella and Mrs Radgman were so pleased that they gave us three marbles for our jar.

Friday arrived and it was Brooke’s birthday. Happy birthday Brooke!

This morning we popped into Reception for a duckling update and discovered that Cheep Cheep had just hatched. We were so excited. Mrs Matthews is taking them home for the weekend to care for them, so we will hear all their news on Monday.

After working on our ‘Ugly Duckling’ story all week we decided to make some yummy chocolate nests to complete our topic. Yum, yum!

We ended a lovely week having a birthday snack with Brooke and she kindly gave us all a party bag and a tasty piece of cake. Thanks Brooke.

Have lovely weekends and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Here’s a few more pictures of fun and learning in Nursery this week.