Nursery Weekly News 25th May 2018

This week our traditional tale is ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Mrs Radgman read us the tale and we added percussion using claves, coconut shells, symbols, egg shakers, and and many other instruments. We then thought about who the main characters were in the tale and the sequence of events. We did so well with this activity that Mrs Radgman let us all put a marble in the jar, (EAD, Literacy and CL).

In outside ChIL we have been working on our throwing, catching and kicking, (PD). We also had a bounce on the trampoline and worked on our balancing skills on the climbing equipment.

After snack we watched a little bit of the royal wedding on the smart board, (KW). We all thought that Megan looked beautiful and Harry looked handsome. We all hope that they will be very happy together, (PSE).

In inside ChIL we have been working on our ‘frog on a log’ pencil grip, drawing pictures and adding names and captions, (PD and Literacy). A few of us used the fairy tale characters and made up stories with them, (EAD) and we also painted beautiful billy goat pictures using water colours, (PD and EAD).

We finished our Monday morning with our Music lesson, learning a few more songs for our show.

In Tuesday morning’s ‘Busy Fingers’ we used puppets and props to act out ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We worked really hard as a team and Mrs Matthews thoroughly enjoyed our little play, (EAD and PSE).

Some of us used air dough and pressed dinosaur feet into it to look like the footprints of the troll, (PD and EAD), which we will paint later in the week.

We also made puppets using our scissor skills to cut out goats and trolls, (PD).

Some of us also used the iPads, (KW).

In our Jolly Phonics session our smart board wouldn’t work so we went back to the good old days of a book and flashcards to learn our new sound ‘y’. We then worked in two groups on our phonic knowledge. One group matched the initial sound of a toy to the correct letter tile and the other group tried to blend the sounds in a simple cvc word. Both groups worked so hard. Our teachers were very proud of us.

At the end of our session Annie showed us her caterpillar called Bob. Annie told us that he would become a butterfly and also told us what he ate. Thank you Annie.

In Wednesday’s ‘Busy Fingers’ we made ‘Ugly Trolls’ with K’nex, played phonic fishing with Mrs Houten and painted the clay pancakes that we made last week, (PD, EAD and Literacy).

Livvy then modelled the new school coat for us. We wondered if it was the right size for next year’s Nursery girls’?  Livvy said it was ‘soft and warm’ and we thought that it would be just right for them.

We then thought about the characters in this week’s traditional tale. We decided that we would draw ‘Ugly Trolls’ for a new display. Mrs Radgman drew an Ugly Troll on the Smart Board using all our ideas. It was scary! We then drew our own trolls and then painted them. They look fierce!

Just before lunch some Reception girls came to read us the traditional tales they had drawn and written independently. We were amazed by how good they were and look forward to being able to do this when we are in Reception.

In the afternoon Mrs Radgman said that we were going to plant something that was in ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ story. Mrs Radgman played us the story on the Smart Board to give us a clue. At the end Olive guessed that we were going to plant grass seeds. We sowed the seeds in pairs and we are going to see whose grows the fastest, (UW).

On Thursday morning we added detail to our ‘Ugly Trolls’ using googly eyes, pomp oms, tissue and other resources, (EAD). They look so terrifying!

We shared a lovely story with Mrs Matthews, as some of us were feeling a bit tired at the end of the half-term.

We had a final play in our ‘Shoe Shop’ before it changes into a ‘Seaside Shop’ for next half-term. We have loved our role-play in the shop, measuring feet, paying for shoes, making shoes and lots more fun learning opportunities, (EAD). Some of us also drew some lovely pictures and wrote captions using our emerging phonic knowledge, (PD, EAD and Literacy).

Before lunch we listened to Livvy’s favourite story ‘Hairy Maclary and Livvy told us why she liked those stories, (CL and Literacy).

We have had a super day, enjoying our marble jar treat. Have a great half term girls and we will see you all in June for our last fun filled half term in Nursery!